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add to favorites Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller purchase price introduction? Cars 2019-01-18
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Many users choose not only the performance of the equipment but also the price of the equipment. Some of the problems that the user cares about. Let me introduce you to the introduction of the Multi-functional grain thresher/Sheller purchase price today. In the conventional structure, since the lateral side of the space between the upper end of the secondary treatment material reducing device and the exhaust pipe is in an open state, straw scraps and the like which are generated along with the cutting operation pass through the threshing device and the grain tank. The gap between them falls on the secondary treatment reducing device, and the straw chips may accumulate in the upper portion of the secondary treatment reducing device, and there is still room for improvement in this point. Therefore, it is desirable to prevent not only straw chips and the like from falling onto the exhaust pipe but also to prevent straw chips and the like from falling onto the secondary treatment material reducing device. Means for Solving the Problem A combine harvester according to the present invention includes a driving unit, a grain storage unit located at a rear of the driving unit, and a threshing device positioned on a lateral side of the body of the grain storage unit; A secondary treatment material reduction device that reduces the secondary treatment material recovered by the threshing device and transports it to the front side portion of the threshing device.
add to favorites Three different production processes of diamond saw blade features and performance advantages Cars 2019-01-18
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Most of the diamond saw blades used in the market are produced in three main processes: sintering, brazing and electroplating. By comparing their sharpness and wear resistance, the sintered sheets are wear-resistant and the electroplated sheets are sharp. Brazing sheet has good overall performance. Sintered 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal are the main force in small saw blades. Most of the market is sintered, and there are many kinds of specifications! 1. What is a sintered diamond saw blade? The sintered diamond saw blade is formed by compacting the carcass powder, that is, forming a saw blade head, and then placing it into a high-temperature machine to combine different metal elements. Because the melting points of different elements in the carcass material are different, it is necessary to control in sintering. Temperature, in order to fully integrate the elements, improve the hardness, wear and sharpness of the diamond saw blade. The meaning of the saw blade sintering process: The sintering process is a heat treatment of powder compact molding, which is an operation required for powder compacts. It includes sintering temperature, molding pressure, sintering time, holding time, cooling time, etc. A reasonable sintering process is to improve the sintered body. The key to densification is the key to the quality of sintered diamond saw blades. What are the advantages of sintered 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc in terms of performance? 1. The cutter head has high hardness and is not easy to break the teeth; 2. The holding power of diamond is good, it is not suitable to fall off prematurely and improve the service life; 3. Compared with saw blades of other processes, the wear resistance is high.
add to favorites Quality Of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil Cars - Economy cars 2019-01-18
The hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale is a kind of steel with a slightly complicated process, but our galvanized strip producer does not think it is a difficult thing. In our opinion, the value of galvanized strip is its How much glory can we bring to our lovely country. In the past few days, our athletes in London also fought on the battlefield. This reminds us of what we should do, but the only thing we can do is to produce better quality hot sale galvanized steel coil. This is our deep love for the motherland and our support for the sports world. At the time when the London Olympics came to a close, we looked forward with great excitement, looking forward to, looking forward to us becoming an international star, and looking forward to our galvanized strip one day to the world, let us The export trade is broader. Let more people around the world know that we are constantly developing and progressing. The galvanized steel strip is made of high quality cold rolled steel coil china or hot rolled steel coil with different degrees of zinc plating. The hot-dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life. The hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale has a complex chemical and physical reaction in the zinc solution to form a corrosion-resistant structure of zinc-iron alloy layer. The alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the strip steel matrix, so the corrosion resistance is strong.
add to favorites Shopping Tips for Coupon Dating - Women 2019-01-18
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Every big holiday, such as National Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, large and small shopping malls in the United States will be reduced in price. At this time, if you have a coupon in your hand, you can enjoy shopping more. This kind of discount coupon that can be cut and taken to the mall to cash in is called IN STORE COUPON, usually distributed in supermarkets, shops, stations, fast food restaurants or newspapers and magazines. With it, you are likely to buy a pair of $25 shoes at $9.99; or buy a $80 printer for $39, plus a pair of headphones worth $15. Another type is ONLINE COUPON for online shopping, usually a string of numbers or code (Coupon Code). For example, if you see a mobile phone with a price of $350 online, the price will be reduced to $270 during Thanksgiving, and the merchant will also provide a coupon of $80. After you add the camera to the shopping cart, enter the code of the coupon when pricing, the price will be displayed as $270. -$80=$190. How about, the discount is big enough!
add to favorites Use Of GI Steel Coil With Spangles Cars 2019-01-18
What is the use of high quality GI steel coil with spangles? With the economic needs of society, many consumers have more and more demand for galvanized steel strips, and many consumers are skeptical about the quality of the manufacturers. What are the main uses of this product? First, the use of Galvanized Steel Coil made in China is to serve as a general civilian tool for consumers, for example, to reinforce door panels or to strengthen kitchen utensils. These uses are very practical and useful to consumers and can be used to help everyone in life, making everyone very convenient. Second, if the consumer is mainly engaged in some bicycle industry, then it is also possible to use a galvanized steel strip. General bicycles are required for this product. They are able to maintain the stability of the bicycle for a certain period of time and ensure the safety of consumers. This use is very important and very practical for everyone. If you can make full use of this product, you can bring huge benefits to consumers. Thirdly, Galvanized Steel Coil made in China can be used for some protection and fixing of furniture. It is also very useful because every household needs furniture. If you fix furniture, the best choice is to use this product. This product can help you fix the furniture to a large extent.
add to favorites Grinding wheel use precautions Cars - Economy cars 2019-01-18
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1. Please check carefully before installing the cutting wheel to confirm whether the cutting wheel is deformed, cracked or collapsed. 2. When the flange is too small or the precision is poor, the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier is easily damaged. Please use it after improvement. 3. When the cutting wheel is marked with the direction of rotation, it must be in the same direction as the machine. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp and it is difficult to perform the performance of the cutting wheel. 4. If a cutting wheel that does not match the cut workpiece is used, it is prone to abnormal wear, poor sharpness, abnormal heat, and the like. 5. If an abnormality is found during the cutting process, stop immediately. 6. When the cutting is not sharp, the grinding wheel should be trimmed. If it continues to be used, it will cause overheating and overloading and damage the grinding wheel. 7. In the rotation of the grinding wheel, it is strictly forbidden to cut by hand, and it is not allowed to touch the grinding wheel by hand or body. 8. The cutting wheel is strictly prohibited for operations other than grooving or cutting, to avoid abnormalities due to uneven force. 9. The surface quality and cutting performance of the workpiece are mainly related to the abrasive grain size of the durable cutting off wheel. The finer the particle size, the better the surface finish. At the same time, it is also related to the workpiece material, hardness, cutting amount, machine tool conditions, processing requirements and other factors. 10. The ultra-thin cutting wheel has been shaped and edged before leaving the factory and can be used directly by the user. If the user needs further shaping, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white corundum whetstone. The particle size is larger than the size of the cutting wheel. If the user needs to further sharpen or use a section of the blade, it is recommended to use green silicon carbide or white corundum. Whetstone, the size of the cutting wheel is finer than the size of the cutting wheel 1-2 or the same number.
add to favorites Grinding characteristics of the grinding wheel Cars 2019-01-18
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Diamond ultra-thin cutting wheels are mainly used for precision grooving and cutting, and generally adopt deep-cut slow-feed grinding method. The utility model has the advantages of large grinding depth, small feed speed, large contact area between the thin flat cutting disc and the workpiece, narrow slit, high metal removal rate, high grinding precision, good processing surface quality and high material utilization rate. The general rules are as follows: 1). The integral cutting wheel is thin (more than 0.5mm), small outer diameter (20-100mm), fine grain size, high dimensional and dimensional accuracy, light weight, and generally used under high speed conditions. The general speed is 5000-40000 rpm. 2). The base type cutting wheel is mostly thick (0.5-2mm), large in diameter (100-200mm), coarse in grain size and low in precision. It is generally used under the condition of lower speed and deep depth of cut. The general speed is 3000-10000 rpm. 3). Ultra-thin cutting wheels use fine particle size, and generally the thinner the thickness of the abrasive, the finer the grain size will be, and the surface quality will be better. However, the finer the abrasive grain size, the corresponding cutting sharpness decreases, and the feed rate is correspondingly reduced to accommodate the machinability of the abrasive grain size. 4). The cutting depth of the ultra-thin cutting wheel is generally determined by the user according to the cutting part. Most of the cutting is made by the slow-feed grinding process, and the depth is cut once. In this way, since the cutting wheel is thin and the cutting conditions are poor (the three sides are in contact with the workpiece), it is difficult to dissipate heat, so it is necessary to increase (flow, pressure) cooling of the cutting zone. 5). When the cutting wheel is used immediately when the user is used on the machine, it is recommended to increase the cutting speed or reduce the feed rate. When the cutting wheel is used for a period of time, it is recommended to use it. The appropriate particle size of the oil stone is used to sharpen the surface of the cutting disc for stainless steel to adjust its sharpness. 6) The cutting amount is generally related to the material to be processed, hardness, precision, processing requirements, etc. It is recommended to use it under the original conditions of the user when using it for the first time. Do not change the cutting amount easily. 7) The user's use condition is also the main factor affecting the cutting performance. In particular, the spindle axial movement, radial runout, flange parallelism and dynamic balance accuracy of the machine tool directly affect the cutting precision of the cutting wheel.
add to favorites Development status of new technologies related to cutting blades Cars 2019-01-18
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Guide: The cutting of the cutting piece depends not only on the cutting piece itself, but also on the use of the machine tool, the connection of the 12 inches cut off wheel to the machine tool, the tool holder system of the cutting piece, the dynamic balance of the cutting piece, the safety monitoring system of the cutting piece, etc., and the cutting The film-related technology has also made new progress with the advancement of science and technology along with the cutting chip technology. Cutting blade holder system for high speed cutting CNC machine tools such as machining centers have always used the traditional 7:24 solid taper shank tool system. Due to the combination of the taper and the taper, the joint rigidity of the shank and the spindle is low. The spindle speed exceeds 10000 r/min. The shortcoming is more obvious. For the tool change with the ATC tool holder, the radial dimension of the cutting piece may change after each tool change, and there is a problem of low repeatability. To solve these problems, the standard 7:24 tool holder is mainly improved. Inspired by the HSK tool holder, a new type of coupling technology with a 7:24 tool holder has emerged in recent years. For example, Japan Nikko Co., Ltd. and Dazhaohe have developed three types of contact (3LOCKSYSTEM) and double-sided (BIGPLUS) 7: 24 joint holders. Compared to standard 7:24 shanks, they have higher joint rigidity and precision for high speed, high efficiency cutting and are compatible with existing 7:24 shanks or machine tools, which is a 7:24 shank for the future. In the development direction, in addition to the modification of the standard 7:24 shank structure, the new HSK shank and KM shank are mainly used. The HSK shank is a new type of high-speed tapered shank. The interface adopts the method of simultaneous positioning of the tapered surface and the end surface. The shank is medium-sized and the length of the cone is short, which is beneficial to realize the light-weight and high-speed of the tool change. Due to the use of end face positioning, the axial positioning error is completely eliminated, making high-speed and high-precision machining possible and also the development direction of cutting blades manufacturing in our domestic manufacturing plants. The technology of connecting high-speed standard cut off wheel for metal and spindles will continue to develop with the advancement of science and technology, and some new concept holders - HSK, KM, 3LOCK, BIGPLUS and other tool holders will be further improved and improved. The current development direction of the main shaft and cutting blade connection technology is: (1) adopting a double-sided positioning system; (2) High clamping precision, good clamping rigidity and compact structure; (3) the handle with balance and vibration damping device; (4) Develop multifunctional and intelligent tool holders.
add to favorites Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cooling Device Hardware - Hard disks 2019-01-17

Cooling device is the indispensable part in the Stone Crushing Equipment Sale operation process of ball mill. Fine cooling effects can be achieved by adding cooling device to the whole set of ball mill. The temperature of cooling device can be set according to the concrete production requirements so as to coordinate and supplement the insufficiencies of other cooling measures. Therefore, ball mill is favored by most customers. Colling machine makes up the shortages of relevant measures; meanwhile, there are also certain disadvantages for colling device . In the wide and long-term usage, the colling equipment of ball mill is checked all the time.

The Safety Guarantee Impact Crusher working process and state are recorded all the time so as to make the technicians to research and contrast the features of colling equipment of ball mill. 1. Single function. It only can be used to coll the temperature of material. It doesn't have any effects on the dehydration of similar materials. 2. High cost. High cost will be spent on the application of colling machine of ball mill. Meanwhile, the dosage is relatively higher when colling machine is used. 3. Security risk. The colling machine will be abraded when the materials stay in the colling machine for a long term. Therefore, the security risk such as water leakage may exist.

Laboured work. The supporting machines of ball mill require that the particle purity of materials discharged from the colling machine is higher. However, colling machine cannot finish its work under this circumstance. At the same time, integument will form on the internal surface if the colling machine works for a long time, thus the utilization efficiency of colling machine will be greatly reduced. Limited usage. Because the installation of colling machine should be coordinated with other machines especially the welding work is difficult in working process of the large-scale ball mill, the limitation exists in the application process. As for these insufficiencies, we hope that more theories and researches will solve them to make colling machine exploit its advantages to the full. In order to better improve the colling measures, we will do their best to make research to solve these problems.

add to favorites The composition of the Peanut/Groundnut Thresher with Dust Removal Sheller for Sale? Cars 2019-01-17
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Peanut/peanut thresher and dusting and shelling machine are often used to peel peanuts, etc., and the production efficiency is high, which is very popular among users. What are the components of this kind of equipment? Today, Peanut/Groundnut Thresher with Dust Removal Sheller for Sale are available to introduce to you. The peanut sheller consists of a frame, a fan, a rotor, a single-phase motor, a screen, a hopper, a vibrating screen, a V-belt wheel, and a transmission triangle. After the peanut sheller is in normal operation, the peanuts are quantitative, uniformly and continuously put into the hopper, and the peanut shell is broken under the repeated impact, friction and collision of the rotor. Peanut kernels and broken peanut shells pass through a screen with a certain pore size under the rotating wind pressure and blow of the rotor (the peanuts are first threshed with a large-hole screen, and the cleaned small fruit is replaced with a small-hole sieve for the first Secondary shelling) At this time, the peanut shell and the pellet are subjected to the blowing force of the rotating fan, and the light peanut shell is blown out of the machine body, and the peanut grain is filtered through the sieve to achieve the purpose of cleaning. No noise, no dust, shelling rate of 99%, and very clean, peanut peeling machine is durable, long service life, and the price is not high, it is a good choice for you!
add to favorites jaw crusher manufacturers analysis Hardware - Memory chips 2019-01-17
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There is a fault is slurry. This failure is mainly with the content of solid phase in drilling fluid of high viscosity, high mud, drilling cuttings dispersion by sieving material related factors, related to the vibration force, also with the vibration sieve screen mesh size, screen area own conditions; and the liquid inlet direction and position of the on-site installation of jaw crusher have great relations.According to the slurry leakage fault, the operator can perform the following check. The first is to check whether the reasonable selection of screen mesh size. As the surface layer fast drilling, produce a large number of solid occupy the effective screen area, so the jaw crusher can not use the fine screen mesh in a shallow well. Therefore, should use a larger hole drilling initial screen, and along with the drilling depth increased, gradually adopted more fine mesh.
add to favorites 4.5 Inches Grinding Disc Five Notes Cars - Economy cars 2019-01-17
Here are the five points you need to pay attention to when using 4.5 inches grinding disc last time. 1. 4.5 inches grinding disc during the grinding process, the coolant should be used correctly; if the coolant is not used, it must be dust-proof. 2. Each resin disc has a high level of use and line speed. Be sure to check the speed of the machine before installing the machine. Do not exceed the speed indicated on the disc to ensure that the machine has a complete protective device, the center hole of the disc and the center shaft of the disc. Must match, otherwise, it cannot be used. 3. The resin discs on both sides of the flange must have the same shape and size as the cheap metal grinding disc. The flange diameter should meet the requirements, and there should be grooves on both sides. 4. Be sure to tighten and fit when installing and fixing. After the installation is complete, idle the machine for about one minute. 5. Regardless of whether it is ground or not, the pressure given should be uniform. When the grinding disc is adjusted to rotate, it is strictly prohibited to collide with the workpiece. When entering the tool, it should be carried out gradually. When cutting large diameter workpieces, reduce the contact surface between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. If you are looking for high-quality metal grinding discs and cheaper grinding discs in China, please contact us.
add to favorites High Quality Grinding Disc Related Knowledge Cars - Economy cars 2019-01-17
I have introduced high quality grinding disc many times before. High-precision optical components, such as photographic objectives, prisms, and filters, are polished or refined for polishing. After polishing, polishing powder such as asphalt or polyurethane, polishing powder such as zirconia is used. The polishing process is to remove the altered layer produced in the previous process and obtain an optical surface with no defects in appearance and surface accuracy. At present, high quality grinding discs are gradually replacing traditional grinding methods with fixed abrasive grinding methods, and polishing processes have begun to test fixed abrasives.
add to favorites A summary of the Newly Designed Model 125 Large Rice and Wheat Thresher technology? Cars 2019-01-16
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The Newly Designed Model 125 Large Rice and Wheat Thresher as a new type of agricultural machinery and equipment is widely used in China's agriculture, so why this kind of equipment can be welcomed by users, what technical summary of the equipment? The utility model relates to a crop harvesting and straw integrated processing device, comprising a harvester; characterized in that: further comprises a straw integrated treatment system; the other end of the driving cylinder is hinged with the inner wall of the storage box; both ends of the trough are open The output end of the storage fan is located above the trough; the pre-processing portion includes auger and feeding device disposed on the platform by auger disposed on the platform; the input end of the auger and the auger The input end is located in the storage box; the input end of the auger and the input end of the auger are respectively located on two sides of the vertical plate; the feeding device comprises a bracket fixed on the platform and a material tube vertically fixed on the bracket a conical tube fixed at the upper end of the tube, a spray tube disposed on the inner wall of the conical tube, a material pump connected to the spray tube, and a tank connected to the material pump; the material pump and the tank are fixed at The pressing portion comprises a pressing groove fixed on the platform, a feeding port arranged on the top surface of the pressing groove, a baffle slidingly connected with the pressing groove, a gantry fixed on the platform, and a pressing hinged with the gantry Cylinder, and pressing groove Moving the pressing plate is connected, is connected to the screw thread grooves and pressing the pressing motor and lead screw connection.
add to favorites The needs and development of mining machinery Cars 2019-01-16
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The needs and development of Ghana Gold Crusher in China heavily depends on the state investment in fixed assets. Since the reform and opening up, China’s fixed asset investment has got rapid growth, which has driven the boom of investment in mining machinery industry. In recent years, China has taken measures to control the investment in fixed assets, but it doesn’t have big influence on the mining machinery. The investment in mining machinery industry is increasing continuously. In 2002-2009, the fixed assets in mining machinery have kept steady growth, which has shown that the returns on capital in mining machinery industry are higher than the social average assets. So the mining machinery is worth the investment.

From the current situation of domestic mining machinery market, the foreign capital has stepped up its investment in China. The world largest engineering machinery manufacturer Caterpillar Inc has announced that it plans to invest $10 billion in China’s engineering machinery market. Domestic enterprises are facing severs challenges.The document formulated by the state to promote industrial structure optimization and upgrading in the “12th five year plan” stressed the need to improve the level of domestic production of major technical equipment. The countries will strengthen the policies to support the high-efficiency and clear power generation and transmission, large-scale petrochemical, transportation equipment, high-level CNC machine tools, automation control, integrated circuits, and advanced power devices industry. It can be inferred that the market will be further concentrated to large enterprises with the development of future mining machinery and the deepen competition in the jaw crusher and other industries. The strong will get stronger and the weak will get weaker. The domestic enterprises need to relay on their own forces to compete with multinational companies.

add to favorites Cone Crushers Inject New Power to Domestic Economy Dating - Men 2019-01-16

According to the Impact Crusher Price professionals, we’d better transfer our attention to the cone crusher from the sand makers. First of all, the final product of cone crusher is very small, most of which is smaller than 35mm. These stone can be fed into sand making machine immediately. While the final product of impact crusher is larger, so many stones come from impact crusher cannot enter into sand making machine.

add to favorites Slice deformation problem Cars - Economy cars 2019-01-16
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The deformation problem of the resin grinding wheel is a difficult problem that has long plagued the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier manufacturer. The root cause of the deformation is the uneven organization in the effective area of ​​the grinding wheel, which in turn causes uneven stress in the hardening process of the product. Resin grinding wheel manufacturers should focus on solving the uniformity of the mixture, the uniformity of the molding and the stability of the mesh. Only the above three problems can be solved step by step. The deformation problem of the resin grinding wheel (mainly the cutting wheel) Solve the solution. Large sections (resin-cutting wheels with an outer diameter of more than 300 mm) have appeared in different regions and related manufacturers. The large slice (resin cutting wheel with an outer diameter of more than 300 mm) is mainly characterized by the fact that when the grinding wheel is cooled and the appearance is detected, the hand is shaken in the diameter direction when shaking, and the bending is obviously soft; when the customer uses the grinding wheel to cut The performance is that the grinding wheel is yawed, the holding force of the flange is not enough, and the serious will be broken and broken. Large-section film is also a technical problem that has long plagued resin abrasive manufacturers. The main reason for the analysis is the uneven stress of the grinding wheel during the hardening process. Resin grinding wheel manufacturers should pay attention to the impact of environmental climate on durable cutting off wheel production, timely formulate countermeasures, rationally select suitable phenolic resin varieties, increase the uniformity of the mixture, and adjust the hardening process in a timely manner to make it more suitable for complete hardening of phenolic resin. Paying attention to the above problems, the film problem will be avoided.
add to favorites How to maintain the quality stability of resin grinding wheel Cars 2019-01-16
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This paper only analyzes how the raw materials are mainly phenolic resin and glass fiber mesh affect the quality stability of the resin grinding wheel. The most outstanding quality stability of resin grinding wheels is as follows: (1). The change of product strength and cutting performance of resin grinding wheel within a certain period (under normal air temperature and humidity conditions); (2). The change of the strength and cutting performance of each grinding wheel of the resin grinding wheel during the production cycle (such as different seasons in a year). Both of the above cases can be expressed by the measured strength retention rate and the thin flat cutting disc performance reduction rate. The influence of raw materials on the quality stability of resin grinding wheels is mainly reflected in: (1). Liquid phenolic resin. The fluctuation range of solid content, viscosity, gel time and water solubility of liquid phenolic resin has different degrees of influence. Therefore, the grinding wheel manufacturer must combine its own mixing, molding and hardening process characteristics according to its own product performance requirements. , develop the technical indicators and scope of liquid resin suitable for you. In addition, the liquid phenolic resin must be properly stored because the liquid phenolic resin is inherently unstable, and the specifications will change even at room temperature. The grinding wheel manufacturer must store the liquid phenolic resin under low temperature conditions to ensure the stability of the liquid phenolic resin, thereby ensuring the stability of the resin wheel mixture and ensuring the stability of the resin wheel quality. (2). Powder phenolic resin. For powder phenolic resins, flow length (fluidity), particle size (grain size, fineness), urotropine (six times) content and gelation time fluctuations all affect the quality of the grinding wheel. In this regard, the flow of the flow should be considered first. These indicators illustrate the behavior of the resin under certain experimental conditions. They are only the performance of the resin, and the extent of the impact on the performance of the grinding wheel can only be determined by the actual application of each resin wheel factory. The flow of the powder resin is the most important performance index affecting the structure of the binder. The particle size (grain size, fineness) affects the amount of the wetting agent, and the content of the volatiles (free phenol, water) is also important. In the actual grinding wheel production process, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the performance of each batch of powder resin, so as to ensure the quality of the grinding wheel. (3). Stability of the technical indicators of the mesh The mesh was originally applied to the resin wheel and the most important role was to increase the strength of the wheel. As the performance of the resin grinding wheel continues to increase, the role of the mesh in the resin grinding wheel is very important. Mainly manifested in: fluctuations in the strength of the grinding wheel, deformation of the slice (mainly double-wire grinding wheel), delamination of the grinding plate, and so on. The thickness of the mesh has an influence on the strength and viscosity of the cutting disc for stainless steel and the cutting and grinding performance of the resin grinding wheel. In theory, under the condition that the grinding wheel production process is stable and allowed, the mesh with the higher amount of glue, the grinding wheel The higher the strength, the better the bonding performance and the more stable the cutting.
add to favorites China jaw crusher is the best choice for cement limestone crushing Hardware 2019-01-16
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The main markets of jaw crusher China industry include chemistry, mine, construction, waste conservancy, metallurgy, coal mine and glass industry, among which two industries of cement industry and road paving and mine use about 30% of crushers produced in the whole market.The companies producing mining crushing machine in domestic market are not very few, and the types of crusher are also constantly improving and updating from primary crushers, rock impact crusher, hammer crusher machine, teeth roll crusher to rock cone crusher. However, primary crushers still have the widest application range, as no matter stone production line or quarry stone crushing will use primary jaw crusher which is indispensable in the sand aggregate production line. In addition, till today, some new types of China jaw crusher can carry out coarse, medium and fine crushing.

Zenith is a well-known cone crusher manufacturer, has been dedicated in producing highly efficient and large crusher machine, and the jaw crushers researched and manufactured by our company mainly include new type of double curved surface deep-cavity jaw crusher, ultrafine jaw crusher and large jaw crusher which are suitable for the coarse, medium and fine crushing of all kinds of rocks and ores such as limestone, shale, basalt, river cobble and bluestone. In addition, our aggregate processing has many outstanding features such as simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient maintenance and low manufacturing and construction cost, so that it is widely used in many industries such as mine, metallurgy, chemistry, building material, water conservancy and transportation.

No matter sand production line with several tons of thousands of hour-production or quarry plant will use primary crushers, especially in the cement industry, limestone is the main raw material of manufacturing cement, so that its demand is huge. our primary crushers has not only powerful functions and high crushing efficiency, but the wear-resistant parts such as hammers, lining boards, plate hammer and rotor have stand up to the market test in cement industry and sand and stone industry, making them the first choice for limestone crushing in cement plant.

add to favorites Analysis of the causes of unstable quality of resin grinding wheel Cars 2019-01-16
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There are many quality problems in the production process of resin grinding wheels. Since the manufacture of 12 inches cut off wheel is a multi-disciplinary synthesis of composite materials, the causes are complicated and numerous. Raw material problem Resin grinding wheel is a complex system composed of a variety of main and auxiliary raw materials. As long as the material is abrasive and bonding agent, the auxiliary material includes filler, reinforcing material, coloring agent and the like. 1. Problems that should be concerned about abrasives At present, the quality of abrasives on the market is uneven, mainly as follows: (1). The chemical composition of the abrasive is often qualified, but the physical properties are poor; mainly due to the gap between the bulk density of the abrasive and foreign countries. (2). The particle size composition of the abrasive is chaotic, which is quite different from the standard specification; it is mainly manifested in the difference between the basic particle content of the same grain size abrasive and foreign countries. 2. In terms of binder, mainly phenolic resin: (1). Resin quality stability problems, especially the level of free phenol in the resin. Excessive free phenol content will accelerate the cracking of the resin after heating and hardening of the resin wheel, affecting the strength of the grinding wheel; (2). Mixing uniformity of resin powder and urotropine, urotropine as a hardener of resin, insufficient addition of urotropine, incomplete hardening of resin, affecting the strength and hardness of the grinding wheel; Excess urotropine does not combine with the resin, and decomposes and volatilizes during the hardening process, which increases the pores of the grinding wheel and reduces its strength and hardness. (3). The binder particle size is too thick or too fine: It is generally believed that the particle size of the binder is fine, which is advantageous for uniform distribution of the binder. If the particle size is too coarse, the molding material is not easily mixed uniformly, which affects the hardness and strength of the standard cut off wheel for metal. Even for the coarse-grained resin sheet cutting wheel and the shaped grinding wheel, the size of the binder (resin powder) selected should be finer than 320#. However, if the particle size of the phenolic resin powder is too fine, the mixing is difficult, and the uniformity of the mixture is difficult to be achieved, thereby affecting the cutting performance of the resin grinding wheel.