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Category Hardware
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Created 2017-12-01
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Improvements on sand maker and ultrafine mill
Description Gravel is an important building material, and plays an irreplaceable role in building. Traditional sand is taken from rivers and sea, however, and has a growing impact on the natural environment. Sand crusher refers to the sand making machine, it could produce mechanical grinding of sand and gravel, pebble, tailing and other raw materials, mining gravel makes it substitute for the original. In order to meet the needs of machine-made sand, new type ultrafine mill and sand maker have made a lot of improvement of structure and can reduce energy consumption. New ultrafine mill and sand maker can fully meet the needs of all types of construction, to reduce sand original system requirements and environmental damage, so as to achieve harmonization of environmental protection and economic efficiency. The sealing of both ends is necessary in order to prevent ambient air from entering the process. Air leakage can have different effects on different processes, sometimes it is less efficient, in some cases, it is conditions of insecurity or instability. ultrafine mill and sand maker have to directly contact with refractory, so the shell of ultrafine mill and sand maker must be made of refractory materials, so the machine can have longer service life.
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