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Created 2017-12-03
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Title Secret SBM stone sand making machine wear-resistant reasons
About me SBM production of new stone sand making machine, also known as impact sand making machine, is the finest stone crushing sand making the ideal choice. The sand making equipment is the combination of domestic production of sand in the actual situation, research and development with domestic and international advanced level of efficient lithotripsy equipment. SBM stone sand making machine is widely used in crushing and rough grinding of metal and nonmetal ore, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, building aggregate, artificial sand making and all kinds of metallurgical slag, especially for medium hard and special hard And abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, magnesia, etc., than any other type of crusher more advantages. Used with hydraulic protection jaw broken supporting, can handle a variety of metallurgical slag. For construction sand, road gravel is suitable. The reason why SBM stone sanding machine is highly efficient and resistant to abrasion is governed by advanced design and high quality sand making machine parts. SBM stone sand machine has the advantages of novel structure, unique, simple and reasonable operation balance, low operation cost. The sand making equipment using advanced working principle, "stone stone", "stone blacksmith", the device state free conversion, sand making, gravel, a multi-purpose machine. Rock stone technology reduces component wear and reduces production costs. Advanced sand making principle makes SBM sand making equipment more efficient sand production, crushing a wider range of sand production better. In addition, the sand making equipment in the production process, the formation of stone to protect the underlying, body wear-free, durable. A small amount of wear-resistant parts made of special wear-resistant materials, small size, light weight, easy to replace parts. Below we will give you a detailed description of the operation of the stone sand machine equipment matters needing attention: 1, check the vortex chamber before driving to observe whether the door closed, to prevent the material from the vortex chamber observation gate out of danger, dangerous. 2, check the direction of impeller rotation, from the entrance to see the direction. Impeller should turn counterclockwise, or should adjust the motor wiring. 3, impact crusher and conveyor equipment startup sequence: discharge → sand crusher → feed crusher must be started without load, sand machine to be normal operation before feeding. The order of shutdown is the opposite to that of boot sequence. 4, the feed particles in strict accordance with the requirements of the prohibition is greater than the provisions of the material into the sand machine, otherwise, will lead to imbalance in the impeller and impeller wear and tear, base to block the impeller channel and the center of the feed tube, the crusher can not work Found that large pieces of material should be promptly excluded. 5, the discharge equipment is stopped, should stop feeding, otherwise, will cause pressure die impeller, burn the motor. 6, feeding force to be continuous and uniform. 7, sand making machine operation process, there must be no severe vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, should stop inspection. 8, the lubrication of the machine, lubrication. Sliding to dry oil lubrication, using Mobil car grease super-level, adding the amount of bearing cavity 1 / 2-2 / 3, stone sand machine for each class, add the right amount grease.
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