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Created 2017-12-04
Owner kmei4545
Title ore milling equipment application
Description Power plant ore milling equipment is generally used in ore milling equipment, large thermal power plants to improve coal efficiency are ore milling equipment, and many large thermal power plants because of the national environmental policy adjustment, the diameter of the coal has also been Higher requirements, the shaft ore milling equipment was born in such conditions. In the environmental protection policy continues to advance today, hammer ore milling equipment application, can effectively solve the country on the strict requirements of coal particle size. The workers will meet the particle size requirements of the raw coal placed into the ore milling equipment, set the high-speed hammer and the impact between the percussion distance between the shaft hammer type pulverizer high-speed operation of the hammer will hit The impact of the plate, the coal in the hammer several times under the high-speed beat to complete the broken, and then through the conveyor belt will be driven by hot air into the exhaust fan, and then enter the boiler furnace combustion, which is hammer-type coal Machine general working principle.
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