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Created 2017-12-06
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Analysis on the development of gold ore crusher
Description Since its emergence, the gold ore crusher has experienced uneven development over nearly one hundred years due to different research methods owing to the different economic development levels of nations. Although the efficiency of gold ore crusher is very low, it is extensively applied. Domestic research on energy is basically carried out individually and empirically. There haven't been systematic research methods to gain due achievements. The research covers the optimal application, the factors influencing efficiency of gold ore crusher, optimal simplified structure form, transmission mode, steel ball size, matching ball quantity, rotation speed, power, plate, etc. Although gold ore crusher has basically completed its localization, the research and analysis on the gold ore crusher has been staying on traditional level. The traditional design of gold ore crusher is based on the calculation of the thickness of grinding machine barrel. To reinforce plate arrangement, the method of analogy can be adopted. If we simplify gold ore crusher as a beam and calculate the strength according to the plane bending, torsion and deformation, the result can be too rough. The reasons are as follows: 1 There isn't much difference between the diameter and barrel length, so it doesn't accord with the assumption of simplified supporting beam (the beam length can be over five times the maximum size of the cross section) 2 The cylinder body is a kind of plate shell structure, and the deformation under stress is much complex. 3 The cylinder body contains a feed port, a discharge port and lining plate, which may cause stress concentration. So only fine calculation can make nearby stress distribution clear. So the traditional design of gold ore crusher tends to be conservative, and the intensity far exceeds the working condition. Since there is a lot of strength reserve, SBM has made detailed analysis on it. We will continue to make an effort to moderate and research brand new product, which will benefit the long term development of the enterprise as well as the society.
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