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Created 2017-12-07
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Design sand making process technicians should pay attention to process
Description When designing a set of equipment, in fact, the beginning of the principle to the process every aspect is very important. And the principle is that when we first set our own design goals, we were initially formed. In the sand making machine we started to know what kind of work we should do, so the principle of the next special design. In determining the principles and drawings, we have to ensure that the latter part of the process. For example, electrical and mechanical cooperation, do not because we affect the maintenance of our entire electrical wiring. So when we started the design, the first mechanical design, and then the circuit supporting. In the electrical and mechanical support, we do not mean that the mechanical part is immutable, we need to be adjusted at the appropriate time. From the overall structure of sand making machine to be adjusted down, in this regulation to see more advantages. Concerned about the current equipment in the process, technicians actually see the user to operate as well as in the latter part of the maintenance, but also to do some market statistics. Look at the user in the market what kind of demand, in the actual operation is not possible to make adjustments. When collecting information on the design of many sand making machines, in fact, we should also take a good look at the process to be more able to meet our actual needs. In fact, the current equipment in fact, let us see some of the different advantages, technology is indeed important.
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