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Created 2017-12-11
Owner adtozhou
Title The Inkjet products appear saturated market
Description Due to the exit of Lexmark, only four Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Epson and Brother IV inkjet printer makers were sold in China in 2013. Most of the market share is Canon, HP and Epson this traditional printer occupied by the top three. Although the domestic inkjet printer market capacity in 2013 there have been some changes, but from the major manufacturers of products, whether it is Hewlett-Packard, Canon or Epson, ostensibly emphasizing the concept, in fact, or fight the price, but Some fight the price of the machine, some spell is the cost of supplies.

During that time, although the economy is going down, the days of laser printer cartridge are not very good, but the inkjet printer is unique. As long as home users spend more than a hundred yuan, they can bring a color inkjet printer back home. As low as one in five print costs, allowing users to consider more is that I should print something. The industry consensus that after 2013, the inkjet market will still maintain 10% -15% of the sustained growth, a popularity storm seems to be sweeping the vast land of China.

However, behind all the good things, one overlooks the important issue that home users often have a long replacement cycle. Because the frequency of use is relatively low, there is no requirement on the performance (content only if it can play a word on the line), so long as the printer is not bad, home users generally do not take the initiative to change new ones. There is an old saying in China that "what is the difference between Xiao and Xiao?" Is based on the sensitivity of cost input, and the user psychology of price parity has now become extremely serious.

At this stage the problem is that manufacturers have been very difficult to create a lower printing costs of products, the loss of the sale can not do, even if Canon introduced more high-precision products like cf217a toner cartridge, HP introduced faster print products, home users simply not Do not care about buying, really care about print quality and printing efficiency of the main, not bad money, laser often become their first choice. So in the market saturation, the various data is likely to be difficult to counter-attack within a few years.
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