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Created 2017-12-12
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Importance of crush and grind in the ultrafine mill process
Description During the ultrafine mill process, there are two essential processes: The first is dissociation, it means crushing and ultrafine mill the large-sized ore to separate the useful mineral particles from the ore; the second is separation, it means sorting the dissociated mineral particles into different product according to their different physical and chemical property. The vast majority of useful minerals and gangue are in close symbiosis together. If we do not separate the minerals or its components from each other, we cannot sort them even if their property has a big difference. So, the basic tasks of dressing plant are to separate the mineral substance and prepare the suitable material for the next process. So dissociating the useful minerals from the gangue is the prerequisite of any sorting method. The purpose of crushing and ultrafine mill is to separate the useful minerals from the gangue. In addition to a small number of rich ore with useful minerals, the vast majority of mineral is the poor ore with large amounts of gangue. Inappropriate choice of crushing process and the equipment, the poor operations management or the inadequate dissociation of finished product will lead the decline of the technical and economic indicators of the entire dressing plant. The dissociation of useful mineral particles are generating during the process of decreasing the size of mineral. To sum up, the technology indicators and the level of economic indicators of the dressing plant are depending on the crushing process and ultrafine mill process. So each ultrafine mill workers must take seriously the ultrafine mill process and ultrafine mill equipment to minimize the cost of crushing and ultrafine mill. In the dressing plant, the equipment investment, production cost, power consumption and the consumption of steel are the largest proportion of crushing process and ultrafine mill process. To a great extent, the crushing and ultrafine mill equipment determine the economic benefit of the dressing plant.
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