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Created 2018-01-09
Owner yoyocrusher
Title The Unique Design of Pneumatic Valve Design in Rotary Dryer

Although Ultrafine Mill is widely used in almost all industrial sectors, it still needs innovation in technology. As is known to us all, many factors propel the innovation of rotary dryer, such as energy consumption, product quality, environmental impact, the overall cost for thermal dehydration, etc. Experts in drying equipment will give you a detailed introduction to perfection measures and performance display of pneumatic valve.

In rotary dryer, the pneumatic valve fitted on the burner makes use of fluid mechanical property of specially designed intake vent, which forms physical barrier to combustion products backflowing to the feed port. The main advantage of pneumatic structure is that it omits the valve and moving parts. Consequently, mechanical failure and invalidation are eliminated. This is of vital importance to heavy pulse burner.

The most common design concept is to produce low resistance to inflowing materials and high resistance to outflowing materials. The inlet structure is commonly known as fluid diode. Certainly, the fluid diode in rotary dryer can't be compared with mechanical check valve in performance due to the reason that it cannot restrain backflow.

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