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Created 2018-01-10
Owner yoyocrusher
Title The Application of Flotation Column in Dressing Plant

The Ore Milling Equipment in mining machine market has achieved significant achievement in recent years. The improvement in flotation machine technology has greatly increased the output and efficiency of dressing plant. The flotation method of flotation column, originating from Canada, was firstly applied in the molybdenum concentrate process. In 1980, the double column flotation units were installed in the molybdenum circuits in Gaspe Mining Industry from Canada, which contributed to the realization of excellent dressing effects. In the process, mechanical flotation machine was replaced by flotation column unit. Since then, the copper and molybdenum manufacturers in many countries in North America applied flotation column in molybdenum concentrate process. Flotation column has been expanded to the world and can be used to coarse dressing or scavenging for various ores. Within three years, flotation column has been the theme of international conference for twice.

After comparing the effects of flotation column in chromite dressing with those of traditional flotation machine, we can see that the dressing effects are much better. Due to the good results achieved, there have been researchers paying their attention to the flotation column workmanship research in the dressing process of fluorite, manganese, platinum, palladium, titanium, etc. At present, flotation column has been used to powdered coal flotation. In the future, flotation column will be applied in desliming and dressing for the ores ground repeatedly.

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