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Created 2018-01-11
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Title What Are the Basic Standards of Flotation Machine?

Ore Milling Equipment is an equipment direct at accomplishing the flotation process. During the process of flotation, the flotation machine by aerating and stirring the prepared ore pulp make the ore particles selectively attach to the foam, so as to achieve the purpose to separate the minerals from gangue. Based on the practical experience in flotation industry, foam mineralization theory and the studies on fluid mechanics, we put forward the following requirements on flotation machine.

1. Excellent aeration effect. Must be able to suck or press enough air into the pulp and produce appropriate foam with moderate size, evenly dispersing throughout the flotation cell. The better the aeration effect is, the more chance for the particles to contact with the air foam there will be.

2. The stirring effect. To make the particles suspend in the pulp, the pulp should be stirred appropriately and uniformly to keep the ore particles and the agentia highly mixed in the cell.

3. Able to form a stable foam zone. Mineralization foam layer can not only retain the target minerals, but also make some mixed gangue fall off the foam to facilitate the secondary enrichment.

4. Capable of continuous operation and convenient to adjust. Besides, it should be equipped with a device to adjust the pulp level, foam layer thickness and slurry flow rate.

5. The flotation machine control device must have access to process simulation and remote control, conductive to realizing automation for ore dress plants.

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