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Created 2018-02-23
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Defects of ore milling equipment in China
Description Ore milling equipment is the main crushing equipment of rock materials, and it is widely used in metallurgy and mining industries. However, the domestic rock ore milling equipment hasn’t developed too much since the successful imitation in twentieth century. The technique is staying in the first and second generation level of foreign countries. Besides, the domestic ore milling equipment are too conservative, heavy with low efficiency, high energy consumption and low crushing quality. Therefore, hardworking should be done to improve the performance of China ore milling equipment. In order to improve working performance of the ore milling equipment, and based on research results of Everson who is a scholar of Chalmers University of Technology, the research was expanded from various eyes of crusher working mechanism and working performance, and several researches were finished, including crushing mechanism, crusher capacity model, chamber design model, crushing product grain size distribution model and multi-objective optimization model and so on. The paper mainly included these research contents as follows: The significance of chamber optimization design and improvement of working performance of ore milling equipments was discussed after analyzing home and overseas situations of study on ore milling equipment. Kinetic characteristics of spreading and granular materials in crushing chamber was deeper studied, and three different forms of particles flowing state, that is sliding, free-falling, sliding and free-falling state of coexistence were discussed in this paper. Moving track model of spreading and granular materials in crushing chamber was built up by analyzing the effect of moving state to working performance of ore milling equipment. The calculation model of crushing product size distribution of rock based on the overall balance model was built up after analyzing the effect of chamber on product size distribution of rock. A new formula calculating production capacity Q was put forward after taking into account fully the effect of volume filling rate at level section on production capacity. Research and development of high-performance laminated ore milling equipment, multi-objective optimization model about production capacity, crushing product size distribution and chamber based on researches of working mechanism and working performance was built up. In order to further improve the working principles and performance of ore milling equipment, according to its shortcomings, more research aims, methods and content should be done. The result of the researches can be used to research and develop automatically, efficiently, energy-saving and environmental friendly modern ore milling equipment.
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