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Created 2018-03-08
Owner leemotou
Title Reptile Uvb Lamp nomoypet Instead Natural Sunlight
About me A single day, reptiles in the wild would be exposed to huge variations in the amount of UVB they receive, depending on the time of day and amount of cloud cover; whether the reptile is in sun or shade, and whether sunlit objects nearby are reflecting more or less UVB in the reptile's direction. Natural sunlight emits invisible UVB rays in the wild but many reptile is housed indoors so these rays are blocked by window glass. Artificial UVB rays are delivered to your pet reptile in an indoor enclosure through the use of special reptile bulbs. These bulbs run out of UVB rays about every six months so they do need to be changed regularly. What Reptile Uvb Lamp is best for my pet reptile or amphibian? Many different Reptile Uvb Lam nomoypet producing bulbs are available, but 4 different types take up the vast majority of the market share and are widely available. In order of their appearance in the reptile industry, they are linear fluorescent lighting, compact fluorescent lighting, mercury vapor lighting, and metal halide lighting. As technology advances and production costs go down, I'm sure we will see more UVB lighting products available for sale in the future. There are several different options to choose from when deciding how to best provide your pet reptile or amphibian with UVB lighting. UVB rays must also be able to reach your reptile without being scattered or blocked by glass, plexiglass, or screens. An ideal distance between your pet and a regular UVB light is 10-12 inches with nothing in between them and the light. A mesh screen is okay to set your UVB light on but it does decrease the amount of invisible rays that will penetrate through to your reptile. Some owners mount the UVB light Ceramic Heat Lamp fixture on the inside of the enclosure, while still keeping it 10-12 inches from the pet, in order to avoid a screen top from filtering out the light. The distance of this light is very important. A UVB light that is too close will cause thermal burns, much like a tanning bed would, but a light that is too far away won't do much good at all because there won't be enough UVB rays that reach your pet.
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