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Created 2018-03-12
Owner hijuly
Title Detailed description construction waste crusher work

In the crushing operation of the construction waste crusher, the crushing process is the first step in the construction waste disposal operation, and the normal stability of this process is directly affecting the follow-up work of construction waste. The construction waste crusher and test sieve are the second part of the closed circuit, which can guarantee the product granularity and do not affect the grinding operation.

During the crushing process of construction waste, the construction waste screen is generally included, and the aggregate of the crushing part constitutes a broken surface flow. In the process of grinding, two or three pieces of broken pieces are commonly used. The two stages of the crushing process are divided into two sections open and closed. The crushing grain size of the construction waste disposal equipment should meet the requirements of the users, and at the same time, to ensure that the normal operation within the machine is not affected.

In the process of construction waste disposal, the crushing stage is the first stage, according to different types of garbage disposal, and the difference of grinding grain size. Broken karma in the process of construction waste processing equipment, in general, construction waste crusher broken, is composed of primary crushing, in the process of two stage crushing, big small garbage disposal closed-circuit processes used in works, of the second paragraph is made up of construction waste crusher and screening machine cable for production.

Construction waste crusher is mainly divided into two parts. In the process of crushing, the size of the ore is large, and it cannot be broken to the required fineness. It must be segmented. The secondary process is only suitable for the mining of small ores, the total reduction ratio is not large, the number of broken ores is not much, and the average daily is less than 1,000 tons.

In the course of processing, because garbage disposal the last paragraph is open, so broken product size requirements, commonly used in large garbage disposal chan, which deal with moisture content is higher, in the treatment of the material, construction waste processing equipment still plays an important role.

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