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Created 2018-03-21
Owner kuangshanposui
Title Coal Dressing Equipment on Crushing Work

No matter the primary processing of the Construction Waste Crusher or the coal selection, crushing is a crucial link which directly influences the sale of the coals and the investment of the follow-up process and also directly influences the economic profit of the coal companies. With the further development of the market economy and the further improvement of the coal selection machines technology, people have higher requirements on the crushing process.

First of all, people have stricter requirements on the Construction Waste Crusher product granularity. Different customers have different granularity requirements and such requirements will constantly change with the market, and if the requirement cannot be satisfied, then the coal will be difficult to be sold out or the customers will refuse to pay due to the overrun granularity which will directly influence the economic benefits of the coal processing companies. At the same time, at different time, the price of the products with different granularity will be different, and the company will have to rely on effective crushing machines in order to maximize their profits.

Secondly, the needs of deep Construction Waste Crusher processing and cleansing of the coal. During the washing, selection process of the coal, in order to realize the monomer separation of the gangue and the coal to the largest content, increase the specific surface area of the raw materials, improve the coal quality, remove the harmful materials in the coal such as sulphur and phosphor, reduce the pollution to the atmosphere resulted by the coal in the burning process, the coal company must conduct effective crushing process to the coal. Thirdly, the requirements of the washing and ore beneficiation equipment. Different washing and selection machines have different disposal granularity ranges, for this reason, the coal must be crushed to satisfy the requirement of the washing and selection machines.

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