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Created 2018-04-02
Owner kmei4545
Title green environmental protection crusher
Description The scope of application of the vibration sieve is very extensive, mainly used for mining, smelting, coal, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries. With the urgent need of modernization construction of our country, have put forward the relatively high requirements on all walks of life, and promote energy saving and environmental protection, mining machinery industry is no exception. Put forward more and more requirements of vibration screening machinery in the varieties, specifications and product quality. To ensure the high efficiency, low energy consumption, less noise pollution, is the future direction of development of the industry of the vibration sieve. ecofriendly crushre: In response to the national call for green environmental protection, low noise, vibration sieve is preferred. Effects of industrial noise pollution hazards, to the production worker body and emotion is not small, each manufacturer has been increasingly attention. In the screening industry vibrating screen because of its working principle of producing noise is unavoidable, since we can not avoid the we should consider how to effectively reduce the noise pollution of vibration sieve. The emergence of the root causes of noise vibration sieve is mainly due to vibration during operation, due to friction parts, such as bearings, vibrator. Bass shaker is according to the noise generating reasons, do appropriate to improve the design details, in order to reduce the noise pollution to the environment.
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