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Created 2018-04-02
Owner kmei4545
Title How to properly match ultrafine mill parts
Description ultrafine mill requires a good cooperation of all parts in order to complete the smashing of materials quickly. Therefore, the quality of the parts and the collocation between them are very important. This article mainly introduces the reasonable matching of the machine parts. problem. ultrafine mill The successful completion of material grinding operations requires the cooperation of various parts. If one of the problems occurs, it will affect the overall production process. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that each type of component is intact. Note that the matching between the various components should be reasonable, because the various parts of the ultrafine mill machine can properly play their respective performance, so how to match these parts in the production line is more reasonable? The combination of the various parts of the ultra-fine mill is like a person's hands and feet. If the location is not correct, it is difficult to operate normally. Therefore, when installing in a production line, the correctness of the installation location must be determined first, and the order must not be reversed. Some of them are not damaged due to operational problems, because the damage of the parts will also make the ultra-fine machine can not run normally and can not complete the production of materials. In addition to ensuring the correct installation position of all parts of the ultrafine mill machine, attention should also be paid to the internal hole of the roller, because it has certain rules, and the size is also a certain size, so pay attention to the size of the internal hole when matching. The size of the roller shaft must be matched, otherwise it will result in the waste of parts, which will increase the production cost, which is not conducive to a more complete production yield. The above article introduces two aspects when it comes to the problem of ultrafine mill parts collocation: First, the installation sequence of each part must be correct. Second, the size of the inner hole and the size of the roller shaft must be matched, otherwise it will cause The equipment can't work properly or it is a waste of parts, no matter which kind of phenomenon will cause the production benefit to be damaged.
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