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Created 2018-04-16
Owner xuanxuan251
Title 1000 tons of daily construction waste crushing station creates greater economic value
Description The new year's urban environmental protection campaign has only just begun. The government will direct its attention to the problem of construction waste left over from demolition and construction in many places. From the start of construction waste crusher in 2016, the occurrence of thousands of tons of construction waste invading Wanquan River and Shanghai construction waste across the province has revealed the “digestion” of the current urban development stage. "The problem of short board. In recent years, the construction waste has gone to the sea to go to the countryside. The fundamental reason for this is that construction waste has not yet found a scientific and reasonable way out. From the experience of the construction waste in developed countries, it is better to use green building materials to develop green building materials. s solution. The resource-based approach not only solves many problems in the supply of natural sand and gravel materials and garbage, but also creates a huge amount of recycling economic value. It can be said to be a new type of recycling concept with multiple functions. SBM Machinery, as a manufacturer of professional R&D construction waste crushing plants in China, has been able to establish a construction waste crusher built on its own independent innovation technology. The emergence of SBM completely solves the technical problems of rebar-wound rotors in the concrete waste crushing stage and realizes high The efficiency, non-clogging, and low-energy consumption of environmentally-friendly waste for construction projects has become a “magic weapon” for the development of small and medium-sized investors. Today, SBM Machinery has helped Jiangxi, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Hebei and other cities to establish a 1,000t/day construction waste treatment production line. It appears that useless garbage is crushing, screening, and brick making. One year, it created the recycling economy value of several million yuan, and realized the common progress of social development and circular economy.
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