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Created 2018-04-18
Owner xuanxuan251
Title How to choose a good solution to achieve perfection
Description Friends who are engaged in gravel production or gravel purchase are more concerned about the grain type problem. There are many standards for the production of building sand and stone materials, not only to crush large pieces of stone into small pieces. Building gravel, highway grade gravel, and asphalt mixture require different gradation ratios. We can select different specifications of stone materials through screening equipment. However, the shape of the stone material is also important. The good grain size and low needle-like content are the requirements for the feeders in the mixing station and highway project department. A good grain size stone has a high slurry retention rate and is useful for increasing the strength of concrete. Then in the stone crushing equipment, what kind of equipment, which part affects the size of the stone material? The production of stone materials generally consists of feeding, coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, screening, crushing, and screening. The feed may separate some of the natural fines, but the amount is very small. The impact is also very small. Because the amount is large, it basically belongs to weathered rock and is not suitable for producing coarse aggregate. Although the smashing break belongs to the crushing and crushing, it will produce a certain amount of needle-like flakes, but because it is coarse and broken, it will not be directly sieved, nor will it affect the content of the needle-shaped flakes, and the middle-fractional link is the key to influencing the granularity. We have a lot of equipment to choose from, cone crusher, impact crusher, fine crusher, and impact crusher because of the impact and stone crushing equipment, the needle plate content is very low, the particle size is very good, but the impact crusher Because it is a hard and hard crushing mode, it performs well when breaking some soft rocks. However, once it encounters hard rocks such as granite, basalt, diabase, and white sandstone, it will be worn out too quickly and will not be able to do it. This will increase the vulnerability of maintenance and replacement. The frequency of the parts will severely delay production time. For hard rock crushing, more customers will be recommended to choose cone crush as the core equipment in the crushing process. Because of the low wear of the cones and the high production efficiency, there is no need to spend as much maintenance time. However, in addition to multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushing, the rest of the crushing production of stone material is not very good, compared to counterattack break is still a lot worse. So this requires us to further plastic surgery, in this case there are two options, one is the choice of two broken equipment thick cone, the stone out of the unified plastic machine shaping Another solution is to choose the right cone for the second broken equipment and enter the shaping machine to shape the material after screening.
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