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Created 2018-05-09
Owner birder2525
Title Raymond mill parts maintenance in winter

Raymond mill manufacturers in addition to providing Raymond mill maintenance measures in winter, raymond grinder parts maintenance also gives the relevant introduction.

Raymond mill accessories include: reducer, the patent roller roller bearings, fans, wear parts, analyzers, plum racks, reducer gear, Raymond mill parts disassembly grinding roller according to the circumstances, should be the first demolition Remove the protective gear on the left side of the body, the V-belt, the flat belt and the double pulley on the quick roller shaft, and then remove the gear box and gear on the right side of the machine body.

  • Raymond mill winter operation as far as possible not to be carried out outdoors, the appropriate temperature can increase the working efficiency of the equipment;
  • Raymond mill production in winter to reduce, you should check whether the duct is cut too much, the wind does not go, should open the door to clear the material out of observation. If the unloader is full, it should be unloaded. The host point motor and fan motor belt is loose, not too tight or too loose. Grinding roller, grinding ring, grinding machine blade, fan wheel serious wear and tear, should be promptly repaired or replaced;
  • The surface of Raymond mill should be promptly cleaned of dust and some acid debris, to avoid reaction with the equipment, resulting in serious corrosion of some objects, reducing the service life of Raymond mill.

These items should be properly stored, exposed surfaces must be coated with anti-rust grease, and to avoid the sun and rain, to prevent the body rusty water.

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