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Created 2018-05-10
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Why use single-stage counter crusher for crushing construction waste
Description The origin of the name of single-stage counterattack crusher: The general crushing process is divided into several stages, and one of them must go through the first break in order to perform secondary crushing. The head broken generally uses a jaw crusher, while the second crusher generally uses a crusher. The so-called single-stage crushing is to directly skip the first broken jaw crusher and deliver the material directly to the crusher, just like mobile construction waste crusher. Among them, the mobile counterattack crushing station is the first choice to deal with construction waste, the working principle of the equipment from the silo directly into the counter-attack treatment materials. The advantages of a single-stage counterattack crusher to deal with construction waste: In fact, the ring hammer can also be handled in a single-stage treatment, but it has great limitations on the choice of materials, such as the ring hammer crusher can only handle limestone Such as the relatively soft material. The hardness of construction waste is not high, but the most fundamental reason why the ring hammer crusher cannot handle construction waste is because of the reinforcement. Because the ring hammer crusher can't see a little hard thing, if the steel bar with construction garbage hits the hammer with broken ring hammer, the machine can't work normally. However, the ring hammer crusher also has its own advantages. If it is used in the production of stones, the production output of the machine is larger than that of ordinary crushers. The difference between the general counterattack and the so-called single-segment counterattack is mainly due to the difference in structure. The single-stage counterattack crusher for crushing construction garbage is larger than the general counterattack and the feed inlet and discharge port are large, and the counterattack board is also From three to two. This is also the difference between the PF series counterattack and the HC series counterattack.
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