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Created 2018-05-14
Owner xuanxuan251
Title SBM Mining Machine Construction Waste Crusher
Description With the demolition of urban villages and the transformation of old cities, the accelerating process of urbanization in China has made the problem of construction waste crusher, which has become increasingly severe, even more prominent. On the one hand, from the consideration of urban environmental protection, it must also comply with the state regulations on urban construction waste disposal; on the other hand, the pace of promoting urbanization is still accelerating. In addition to the development experience abroad, the domestic construction waste disposal market situation and many other factors, the call for the utilization of construction waste resources is getting louder and louder, and the construction waste disposal problem has gradually become the main theme in the process of urbanization promotion. The construction waste crusher will also usher in a vast market money scene. According to the experts of the SBM mining machine, according to the characteristics of China's current construction waste, the recycling rate can reach more than 95%. Take the use of construction waste to make recycled bricks, compared with solid clay bricks, it is also producing 150 million standard bricks, which can reduce earth borrowing 240,000 cubic meters, consume more than 400,000 tons of construction waste, and save 340 acres of land. In addition, during the brick making process, 40,000 tons of fly ash can be consumed, 15,000 tons of standard coal can be saved, and 360 tons of sulfur dioxide emitted by burning bricks can be reduced. The recycling of construction waste and environmental benefits will also bring economic benefits. According to estimates of 5 billion tons of new construction waste generated in China by 2020, if these construction wastes can be converted into ecological building materials, the value created can reach 1 trillion yuan. The construction waste crusher produced by the SBM mining machine complies with the market's needs and can dispose of urban construction waste and turn waste into treasure. With the support of national policies, the disposal of construction waste from SBM mining machines will soon usher in a broader market development space. The traditional construction waste disposal method is to pile up and bury it. This is not only scientific but also wastes land. It also seriously pollutes the environment. The construction waste treatment technology has matured, and there are only few successful cases in China. SBM miners are one of the few. With the launch of the construction waste crusher of SBM miners, the economic and social effects already on the market have been caused. . The construction waste crusher has a good prospect. The SBM mining machine has to change its prospects to Qian Jing, and is ahead of the social development.
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