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Created 2018-05-15
Owner kmei4545
Title principle of selection stone crusher

In recent years in China the back breaking industry has made great progress, including uptake by the introduction of foreign advanced technology, but also our own research and development of stone crushing equipment. The future scope of use of crushing equipment will be more widely, competition is more intense, in has innovation era, China will intensify, cooperate actively, encourage R amp; D staff efforts, the crusher of our country reach the forefront of the times.

Stone crushing equipment is the principle of selection of impact crushing material, and thus its impact, the hammer, the plate hammer, impact plate are wearing parts, in the operating process of wear very fast.This defect in the appropriate long period, limiting the scope of stone crushing equipment. Because of its characteristics is that it can only used for crushing of hard materials. Followed by some new wear-resistant materials used, to break this limit, makes the new counter break get large-scale implementation.

In the meantime, stone crushing equipment is crushing equipment based on the impact strength to break material, when the machine is operating, because the motor of femoral artery, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material into the zone and the rotor plate hammer effect on the plate hammer impact crushing, in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and another some of the umbrella type approach high speed bump diversion and high density damage on the turntable near the flying stones, stones at each other after impact, will constitute a vortex motion between the turntable and the chassis and constitute the multiple impact each other, conflict, damage, is discharged from the lower part through, and form many closed loop control by sieving equipment arrived at the granularity of demand.

We know that stone crushing equipment important position in many of the machine for crushing equipment, mainly due to the Shanghai impact broken technology characteristic place decision: Shanghai counters one of technical characteristics is broken -- broken than degree: stone crushing equipment crusher contrast generally can be reached more than 50, and jaw crusher, cone broken and roll crusher is difficult to go beyond the therefore, in single stage crushing demand occasions when stone crushing equipment use very extensive. Shanghai back breaking technology characteristics of two - material crushing granularity is good: the demand of occasion when the general selection of stone crushing equipment as eventually broken equipment, production of concrete aggregate.

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