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Created 2018-05-18
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Raymond Mill's dust removal is easy to break
About me The dust removal of Raymond Mill is a protection measure. The dust removal bag is a supporting facility of Raymond Mill and is a kind of traditional dust removal equipment. Many users have found that fabric dust bags are relatively easy to damage, and have brought about no small impact on the normal operation of equipment. Therefore, the current pulse dust removal equipment gradually replaces the cloth dust bag dust bag which is a device for filtering dust or controlling the air flow, and it is not an easily wearable part during use. However, the dust bag also has a long life and wear. There are two main reasons for the wear of Raymond Mill's dust bag: 1. If the dust produced by raymond mill is fluid and highly abrasive, it will directly wear out the dust filter bag and reduce the service life, such as common aluminum powder, silicon powder and carbon powder. 2, there is a kind of dust is also very serious on the dust bag wear, that is, charged dust or hot particles. This is because the chemical fiber filter is usually easy to charge, if the dust is charged at the same time it is easy to produce sparks, which is easy to damage the dust bag. With the continuous advancement of technology, there have been many Raymond mill equipment replaced by pulse dust collectors. This type of dust removal equipment has advantages over traditional dust collection bags, which can effectively increase the working efficiency of the equipment and prolong its life.
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