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Created 2018-06-04
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Title 5 major elements guarantee the efficient production of sand making machine
About me In the sand production line, the role of the sand making machine is to make the final shaping of the material. After analyzing the production of the sand making machine, SBM found out the conditions that must be met to influence the performance of the sand making machine. Only after such conditions are met, can the production activities of the sand making machine remain efficient and stable. Then, what are the conditions for the efficient production of the sand making machine? 1. In the setting of the feeding device of the sand making machine, a more uniform process specification must be used. This minimizes the difference in size at the time of feeding. Under such conditions, the sand making machine will be very fast once it is operated, and with the increase of the inertial force, the fluency achieved will be very high. 2. During the selection process of the crusher cavity of the sand making machine, we found that the crushing cavity, which is not narrow and long enough to allow the material to stagnate for a long time, can promote the effective sand making operation of the sand making machine. This requires us to determine the timing of the most time-consuming steps in the overall process. Under normal circumstances, in the case of medium and low yields, we choose the 2-3 cavity design, and in the case of high yield, we choose to The even compact design of the cavity of the cavity. 3. In the chamber design of the sand making machine, the simplified structure of a cavity requires us to achieve the right control of the grain size control. Not all granular control theory can be applied to the working chamber design of this type of sand making machine. After comparing the excellent manufacturing processes, we found that U-shaped crushers are the most suitable for this production need. 4. The new high-performance sand making machine production line needs to control the grain shape. We use an incentive-based computer control system for granular control. The benefits of this approach are very autonomous and automated. If the grain shape does not meet the requirements, it will be impossible to break out the cavity. When some cavity-type mechanism adjustment operations occur, full-automatic sensing installation saves labor costs. 5. The sorting and screening of the sand making machine can be laid at the discharge of the sand making machine in order to reduce unnecessary losses.
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