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Created 2018-06-06
Owner kuangshanposui
Title Impact Construction Crusher Installation Test And Operation Procedures
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Impact Construction Waste Machine equipment has large crushing ratio, high crushing moisture content, the most ideal processing of materials with high moisture content, and the discharge particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted. There is no screen strip equipment, materials with large mud volume will not be blocked and cannot be broken. Into the body can be automatically discharged, will not cause the loss of equipment. The equipment crushes material DC, has high production efficiency, unique structure, stable operation, low noise, easy maintenance, and easy replacement of wearing parts by opening the working compartment door.

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Impact crusher is simple in construction, small in size and light in weight. Compact structure, strong machine rigidity, large rotor inertia. The crushing chamber is high and the feed inlet is large. The crushing cavity has a reasonable cavity shape, and the crushing cavity is composed of a space formed by a feed guide plate, a two-stage counter-attack plate, and a guide plate unloading point to a circular arc of the second-stage impact plate discharge port. The counter-attack frame adopts an integral manganese steel piece. Large pieces of material crushing effect; impact plate as far back as possible to enhance the material's shear crushing effect. In addition, the angle of the impact plate of the impact crusher can be adjusted to ensure that the material is in a proper angle when the impact between the impact plate and the rotor is repeated, and the crushing efficiency can be effectively improved. Progressively crushing the crushing process can effectively reduce the energy consumption in the crushing process.

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