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Created 2018-06-27
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Title Analysis of the situation affecting the production capacity of coke fine grinding
About me At present, there is no complete theoretical calculation formula for production capacity, which is usually calculated based on experiments using semi-empirical theory or empirical methods. Mechanical experts mainly from the structure and dynamic analysis of the small planetary coke ultrafine grinding to start its research on the ultra-fine grinding grinding efficiency and abrasive particle size, established a characterization model of ultra-fine grinding structure and grinding effect. There are many factors that affect the production capacity of coke T130X Reinforced Ultrafine Mill, mainly in the following situations: 1. The speed of coke ultrafine grinding at different barrel speeds can be simplified to three basic forms. First, when the rotation speed is very low, the material is mainly ground in a grinding manner. Because of the small kinetic energy of the ultra-fine grinding body, the impact force is small, and the grinding efficiency is extremely low. Secondly, when the rotating speed is high, the ultra-fine grinding body is rotated by the inertial force together with the cylinder body, which does not impact the material. Friction, ultra-fine grinding efficiency is very poor Third, the speed is appropriate, ultra-fine grinding body with the cylinder to a certain position after the cylinder wall, the material received impact, friction and smash, its high crushing efficiency. 2. The loading of ultrafine grinding bodies. If more ultrafine mill for sale bodies are added, the more times the material is ground in the unit of time, the higher the ultra-fine grinding efficiency, but it cannot be too much, otherwise it will occupy the effective space of the coke ultra-fine grinding, but will reduce the ultra-fine grinding. effectiveness. 3. Grinding material types, physical and chemical properties (such as particle size, salary, hardness, temperature, moisture and particle shape, etc.), grinding particle size requirements. 4. Ultra-fine grinding structure, size, class division, the use of lining and compartment board, cylinder speed. 5. The type, shape, size, gradation, and filling degree of ultrafine grinding bodies. 6. The uniformity of the feed and the degree of filling in the mill. 7. Grinding method and operating conditions of coke ultrafine grinding. Such as dry or wet method open-circuit or closed-circuit wet grinding material, water, ball ratio dry mill ventilation conditions closed circuit grinding when the cycle load rate classifier use and selection efficiency. 8. Whether to add grinding aids.
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