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Created 2018-06-28
Owner kuangshanposui
Title Construction countermeasures to reduce energy consumption of cement pre-grinding
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Today, although science and technology are highly developed, people are facing a serious Construction Waste Crusher energy crisis. Therefore, energy conservation and consumption reduction, as a major theme of the entire society, are the most urgent issues to be resolved. The cement industry is a large energy consumer, and energy conservation institutes should become topics that we cannot shirk.

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When it comes to energy conservation, we naturally think of what measures to take to save energy. Construction Waste Crusher Sales is the process of electricity consumption in the cement production process, which accounts for about 60-70% of the integrated power consumption of cement. The grinding of materials occupies an important position in the cement production process. The energy utilization of the materials in the grinding process is extremely high. Low, consumes a lot of electricity in vain. Therefore, the grinding system is the main object of energy-saving research.

At present, the energy-saving approach is roughly as follows: the application of the grinding principle to control the over-comminution of materials; improve the equipment structure and the configuration of the grinding media; improve the feeding conditions and reasonably adjust the load; and use grinding aids to improve the material's grindability, dispersibility and other mechanical properties. In order to seek ways to save energy and increase production of mills, after years of scientific experiments and production practices, domestic and foreign pulverizer workers have proposed a "pre-grinding technique" that reduces the number of broken grains and grinding, reduces the size of abrasive grains, increases the output of mills, and reduces electricity consumption.

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