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Created 2018-06-28
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Description The latest edition of the WSOP witnessed all sorts of dramatic changes to both the schedule of events and the way in which the dying moments of the final table were portrayed on television. Spectator sport of the future? The entertainment moguls have recognised the value of poker and have clearly earmarked it as a possible spectator sport of the future ? but aren?t they simply hijacking the entire industry for the financial benefit of a few? The genuine poker fraternity must be getting rather annoyed at the constant interference in the game simply because it has proved to be one of the most lucrative trends of the new century. Every Dick Diego Perotti Camiseta , Tom and Harry is jumping on the bandwagon to claim a slice of a sector that is worth billions every year. In an effort to crank up the ratings, television stations are clambering over one another to claim the rights of any sport or game that is slightly different, but is poker really going to pull in the anticipated viewership? Sure, it is, without a doubt Javier Mascherano Camiseta , the fastest growing trend known to man but are we talking the number of poker players themselves or the number of ordinary people interested in the game purely because of its reputation of rewarding players with inordinate amounts of money? Learn from the Masters How many normal TV viewers will cross to the poker channel for entertainment? My guess is not many. The people who flock to watch poker on the box are probably poker players themselves who want to learn from the Masters. Joe Soap may turn on the telly in the dying moments of the WSOP heads up simply to see how the winner reacts when he bags the millions of dollars staked on the main event. This year?s winner, Peter Eastgate, who pocketed $9 million, must have been a huge disappointment for the American network covering the heads up ? he didn?t even crack a smile and the anticipated energy was definitely missing! The bosses of the box have different ideas for the future of poker. They are clearly wanting to create a kind of hyped up vibe emulating the atmosphere of a NFL showdown or a T20 cricket match where buxom babes bounce up and down shrieking their alliance to a particular team and crowds of avid fans don outsized gloves to wiggle in the air every time someone scores. Poker necessitates long periods of concentration Poker players, however Matias Kranevitter Camiseta , will tell you that poker is a game of skill that necessitates long periods of intense concentration. Will the true professionals of poker be enamoured with the kind of rah rah atmosphere the networks are trying so hard create? It is unlikely poker will ever compete with the likes of a Wimbledon final or the newly conceived Indian Premier League ? it is simply not a spectator sport for the masses, so the men in charge of creating entertainment on the small screen had better think again before they attempt to turn professional poker into a circus! " LERWICK, Scotland, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- Chinese opera artists from southwestern Chongqing Municipality Monday evening made debuts of classic Sichuan Opera and celebrated the Lantern Festival at the northernmost art center in Britain. After 16 hours of bumpy journey in the North Sea, performers of Chongqing Chuan Ju Theater finally arrived in the capital city of Shetland Nahuel Guzman Camiseta , Lerwick, on Monday morning. Young performers performed several classic episodes of Sichuan Opera at Mareel, the most northerly music, cinema and creative industries center in Britain on Monday evening. Performers first exhibited some highlights of the 300-year-old Sichuan Opera, one of the oldest local operas in China Angel Di Maria Camiseta , including the five types of characters and various kinds of performing techniques, costumes and music. Comic ""Gun Deng"", one of the programs, showed the performer's excellent acrobatic skills by crawling under two 40-centimeter-high benches with an oil lamp on his head. They successfully amused the audience through their wonderful performance and humoristic facial expressions and words, and won warm applause and cheering. ""It was incredible and amazing Diego Maradona Camiseta , and so colorful and spectacular. I really enjoyed the 'Oil Lamp'. I thought that was really very funny and the two actors were superstars. The performance is different from television. I'd like to see more,"" said Brian Spence,following the show. Beth Cumming, a mother of three children, told Xinhua: ""The opera is really good. It is something really different. I like the costumes and their face paintings. I love experiencing anything different and particularly Lionel Messi Camiseta , the opera performance troupe has come all the way here, and I think it is such a great opportunity for the children to see something so different."" Juan Brown, a local resident, said there's a very small Chinese community living in Shetland, so some local people have limited contact with Chinese culture. ""It's good for people to see other cultures and something like this is great Sergio Aguero Camiseta , cause it's not only entertaining, but also offering an insight into another culture,"" he added. Wang Qi, the actor of ""Oil Lamp"", said ""I fear I couldn't perform well today because the waves were so big last night and I got seasick. Fortunately I got better this morning and I'm full of energy when thinking of showing our traditional Sichuan Opera to British audience."" The troupe will stage their last performance of their tour at Platform Theater in Glasgow on Wednesday. " " SAN FRANCISCO Enzo Perez Camiseta , Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Apple, a technology company in Silicon Valley, on Wednesday opposed a judge's order to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) access the phone of a terrorist killer. Timothy Cook, chief executive officer of Apple, called the order by Judge Sheri Pym Dario Benedetto Camiseta , of the U.S. District Court, Central California, ""an unprecedented step"" threatening the se. Anthony Lopes Portugal Jersey Christophe Jallet France Jersey Eric Dier England Jersey Wholesale Croatia Jerseys Carlos Bacca Colombia Jersey Hulk Brazil Jersey Eden Hazard Belgium Jersey Carlos Tevez Argentina Jersey Alvaro Pereira Uruguay Jersey Ricardo Rodriguez Switzerland Jersey
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