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Created 2018-07-08
Owner birder2525
Title Wear protection of ultrafine mill

Wear protection of Ultrafine Mill rollers in production can reduce production costs while ensuring the successful completion of production tasks. Here's how to prevent the wear of rollers.

The roller is a component that directly participates in the crushing work of the ore during the Ultrafine Mill production process. Due to the strong friction, impact, etc., with the hard ore, the roller is extremely vulnerable to damage during the production process, and should be damaged when damaged. Replacement Otherwise, the equipment is difficult to work normally, and replacing the grinding roller of the ultra-fine mill equipment will increase the operating cost of the equipment, so to solve this problem, to prevent the abrasion of the grinding roller, the ultrafine mill is produced. How to prevent the wear of the roller during the process?

The key point is to fundamentally prevent wear and tear, which mainly refers to the production material of the roller. If high-quality steel is used to produce the roller part, it can increase its strength, so that it can be reduced in production because of the Damage to the impact; The second point is the hardness problem of the feed during the production process of the ultra-fine mill.

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