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Created 2018-07-11
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sand making machine equipment is an important equipment for the production of stone materials. Under the spring breeze of the country's vigorous development of infrastructure, sand and gravel materials have become a hot resource in the market. The sand making machine equipment has naturally become a popular target for investors. What do you need to know when you have equipment? What should you pay attention to? The working principle of the sand making machine. The working principle of different sand making machines is similar but slightly different. At present, the sand making machine equipment on the market mainly supports “stone stone” and “stone hitting iron” as the main theory, using the impact to realize the crushing of stone materials in different structures. It is adjusted according to actual needs to meet different production requirements.

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The nature of raw materials for sand making machines

Different stone hardnesses are different, and the degree of brittleness is different. The stone with high hardness needs higher strength and wear resistance when processing the sand making machine equipment, and better structure to extend the maintenance of the sand making machine itself. The cost of use, such as the high hardness of the river pebble, requires the use of a conical sand making machine to achieve crushing in a crucible manner, which achieves the crushing effect and prolongs the service life of the sand making machine.

Sand machine equipment finished product requirements

Because there are certain differences in the requirements of the stone itself in different application fields, it is necessary to carry out different material processing in the targeted market, and realize the subdivision of the application, in order to achieve better market growth and achieve a small area. The market coverage of the industry, such as highway stone requirements, becomes a cube, reducing the proportion of finer and coarser stones to achieve the required strength and use requirements. The purchase of the sand making machine equipment should be based on understanding the production process and the working principle of the existing sand making machine equipment, so that the right sand making machine equipment can be selected.

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