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Created 2018-08-08
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Raymond mill needs to pay attention to the selection of accessories
Description The important parts of SBM raymond mill are made of high-quality steel, wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, reliable operation; three-dimensional structure, small footprint, independent production system from block to finished powder; The machine transmission adopts pulley drive and is reliable in operation. The main accessories are reducer gears, plum blossom stands, fans, grinding devices, reducers, grinding rollers and so on. When using the Raymond mill equipment, it is necessary to have a professional staff to look after the equipment. It has a certain level of operation and has a certain understanding of the equipment. Raymond mills produce better results and are determined by the equipment's accessories. Twilight equipment accessories are made of high quality parts and are used for a longer period of time. But the daily maintenance is necessary. The main accessories of Raymond mills are grinding rings, grinding rollers and other accessories. The grinding rings are all wearing parts. The grinding rolls are generally made of high-chromium cast iron or nickel-chromium alloy, but the material often breaks and the loss is quite Serious, especially the loss of production, the maintenance of these two accessories is indispensable. Why Dawning has always stressed that it is very important to clean some accessories. This is because if the vertical coal mill is used for a long time without serious maintenance, the internal parts will be damaged seriously, which will affect the operation of Raymond mill and cause downtime. . The above is the problem of the accessories of the Raymond mill that Dawning analyzed for everyone. I hope to be helpful.
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