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Created 2017-08-30
Owner yoyocrusher
Title Vermiculite mill

Vermiculite is a layered structure of minerals, the contents of the stone containing magnesium, is the water aluminosilicate secondary metamorphic minerals. From the vermiculite ore surface is more like a mica, usually by biotite or phlogopite, after hydrothermal alteration or weathering and formed, due to the formation of heat loss when the water showed a flexible curved, but also because of this The shape of the stone like leech, so named vermiculite.

Because of the characteristics of vermiculite, the choice of Ore Milling Equipment , ultra-fine milling machine, are the industry-specific vermiculite mica processing of milling machinery. Among them, a full set of milling equipment, including milling machine host, and crusher, hoist, feeder, separator, dust, air compressor, fan and other ancillary equipment.

Vermiculite after Ore Milling Equipment grinding machine processing, finished fineness, including 20-40 head, 40-60 head, 60-80 mesh, and 200 mesh. Ultrafine Mill Production Vermiculite finished fineness of 325 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh and 1250 mesh. Ultra-fine milling machine according to customer demand, in the 325 head to 3000 mesh between the arbitrary adjustment, easy to use, finished fineness, through the rate up to D97.

Vermiculite processed by the milling machine can be used as a house insulation equipment, household refrigerators, car dampers, noise stucco, safes and cellar lining pipes, boiler heaters, ironworks, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment, Insulation equipment Board, paste wallpaper printing, outdoor advertising, paint, increase the viscosity of paint, photographic cardboard with fire card paper, gold and bronze ink, paint outside the supplements and so on.

Vermiculite mill full set of configuration, including hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage silo, vibration feeder, milling machine host, frequency grading machine, double cyclone collector, pulse dust system, high pressure fan, Air compressor, electrical control system.

Vermiculite grinding machine roller, grinding ring with special materials forged from, so that the use of greatly improved. In the case of the same fineness of finished materials and finished products, micro-powder mill than the impact crusher and turbine mill wear parts long 2-5 times, generally up to more than a year, processing calcium carbonate, calcite, the use of Life expectancy of up to 2-5 years.

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