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Created 2018-09-25
Owner birder2525
Title kaolin processing equipment grading process
Description Kaolin processing equipment using different process classification of kaolin grinding equipment of kaolin particle grading of similar thickness. The grading process layout can adopt open classification system and semi cycle grading system. In the process of kaolin grinding equipment classifier system design, in addition to should as far as possible to improve classifier classification efficiency, should also pay attention to rational layout, auxiliary equipment operation reliability and system installation quality etc.. The following points should be paid attention to in the design of the system. (1) to avoid the tube bottom ash, air velocity in a system pipeline should be larger than the settling velocity of particles.Flow velocity increased, the resistance of the system increased sharply, the pressure head may cause the fan is not enough to affect the normal operation of the system. (2) the pressure loss of the system must be carefully calculated, can not ignore the additional pressure caused by the loss of particles. Semi circular system should give accurate estimates of the critical pressure point of the system, thereby setting the right filling port (a primary air inlet) position. (3) low ash gas ratio, then the desired volume increased. On the contrary, the separation efficiency will reduce. (4) emissions should meet the demands of environmental protection, _ per standard cubic meters of gas dust content of not more than 150mg.
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