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Created 2018-09-28
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Portable construction waste treatment equipment solves the problem of garbage recycling on the spot
Description Since the beginning of the 21st century, large-scale environmental problems such as smog, sandstorms, and construction waste have exploded. In order to do a good job in urbanization, China has proposed a treatment plan for the recycling of construction waste. Judging from the implementation situation of many places, the establishment of a comprehensive utilization pilot is expected to complete about 20% of the construction waste disposal work in the urban area. Where is the next step for Chenzhou City as the southern gate of Beijing? After seeing the current situation of construction waste siege, SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. achieved breakthroughs in domestic core crushing technology through the study and exploration of foreign technology. The portable construction waste crusher developed by it has obtained more than a dozen technical patents from the state. Recognition. On this basis, SBM Machinery also entered the deeper level of construction waste recycling technology. In the traditional construction waste brick production line, SBM Machinery has developed a new generation of mobile crusher plant to solve the problem of urban construction waste disposal left by the “three reforms and one demolition” stage. The local consumption mode is in response to the call for international construction waste source treatment, avoiding the environmental problems caused by secondary pollution, which has won praises from many new and old customers. Creating more production value for customers is the persistence of SBM machinery for many years. Continuous technical research and development has enabled SBM machinery to maintain the vitality of the industry competition. The preferential quotation really benefits customers and makes construction waste become a real green building material.
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