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Created 2018-09-28
Owner juniperqq
Title Skinning grinding using ceramic CBN wheel
Description Compared with electroplated CBN wheels, the advantages of ceramic CBN grinding wheels are reflected in A) easy to repair. B) no need to repair. C) the shape and accuracy of the fast 9'' grinding wheel can be guaranteed through dressing. D) porous structure ensures good penetration of coolant and takes away chips. E) longer life. F) the matrix of the 230*6*22mm grinding wheel for stainless steel can be reused, only the new CBN abrasive layer can be replaced. The key to skinning grinding with ceramic CBN wheel Ceramic CBN grinding wheels used for peeling grinding require a high material removal rate, and at the same time, produce as little grinding heat as possible under the premise of achieving high efficiency processing to avoid a series of grinding problems such as burns and cracks. Therefore, the ceramic CBN grinding wheel is required to have a more open structure to ensure enough chip space, and at the same time, the passivated abrasive particles are required to break normally to ensure the sharpness of the grinding wheel made in China, so as to obtain high cutting performance. In addition, for peeling grinding, in the case of high-speed grinding, the chamfer area of the grinding wheel is easy to collapse, abrasive particles are easy to fall off, resulting in a low life of the grinding wheel, and will also affect the quality and accuracy of the workpiece surface. Therefore, how to realize high-efficiency machining while ensuring the service life of the grinding wheel is the key to choose the ceramic CBN grinding wheel for peeling grinding. The traditional CBN grinding wheel with ceramic bond is difficult to ensure high porosity because of its characteristics of the bond system. CBN grinding wheel, the latest technology of Sister technology, is based on the "glass-ceramic" technology. It can provide a very high bond strength, and is compatible with the mechanical, chemical and thermal conductivity of CBN abrasive. Compared with the traditional ceramic bond process, it has more open structure and higher porosity; at the same time, it uses innovative technology to enhance the strength of the bonding bridge, so that the 230*6*22mm grinding wheel for stainless steel has the advantages of greater abrasive grinding force, higher hardness and wear resistance, greatly improving the service life of the fast 9'' grinding wheel, which is very suitable for peeling grinding. Chipping; Higher grinding efficiency and better consistent surface quality of workpiece are very suitable for high precision and high efficiency peeling grinding.
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