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Created 2018-09-28
Owner kmei4545
Title Analysis of bentonite mining equipment
Description When bentonite mining equipment work, you will encounter some problems, these issues will affect the production process more or less, this article is to analyze the two most common problems to help reduce the impact on production. The work process of mining equipment, due to various reasons, will appear in the production of failures, these failures will affect the efficiency of production, but will cause damage to the equipment, so the treatment and prevention of these failures is our In the use of mills, the more important issues, in order to better help the smooth operation of the mill, we summarized two more common problems to help prevent possible failures, the following to introduce everyone. The point is a problem of poor lubrication, because the gap between newly assembled parts of mining equipment is relatively small, if the assembly is unreasonable, it is difficult to ensure the average of the gap, so when lubrication, the oil is not easy to form an average on the friction surface The oil film can not slow down the wear in the production and reduce the effect of lubrication. In the long-term production process, the phenomenon of increased wear is very unfavorable for the life of the equipment. The solution to this problem is to follow the steps. Strict assembly operations to ensure the uniformity of the gap size, which is an important issue to prevent poor lubrication.
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