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Created 2018-10-09
Owner juniperqq
Title Lamination of resin cymbal wheel
Description With the increasing demand of the market for the quality of grinding wheels, especially for high efficiency grinding wheels, the diversification of the formulation of resin fast cheap metal grinding disc manufacturers is more obvious. As a result, the phenomenon of grinding lamination frequently occurs in the manufacture and use of grinding wheels. The lamination of grinding disc should first consider the bonding performance of the mesh (including the volatile content of the mesh). If the mesh containing impregnated resin is not compatible with the phenolic resin used in resin 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc, the glue content is not enough, or the volatile content of the mesh is too high, the lamination of grinding disc will be caused. Excluding the influence factors of mesh, the most important influence factors of grinding layer are the compatibility of the mixture and the lack of fluidity of powder phenolic resin; the second is the stress rebound of the mesh itself in the process of grinding wheel hardening. Therefore, the grinding wheel manufacturer should pay attention to the mesh in the grinding wheel molding process and must be combined with the molding method and hardening curve. Of course, the grinding wheels of high quality grinding disc factory price are relatively few.
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