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Created 2018-10-09
Owner juniperqq
Title Causes of burn in grinding wheel grinding
Description 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc in grinding will appear burns, which is generally affected by heat treatment, it is the specific reason for this phenomenon? During decarbonization heat treatment, surface oxidation will occur if the surface or environmental protection is improper, so a thin decarbonization layer will be formed on the workpiece. This soft decarbonization layer will cause overload or overheating of the fast cheap metal grinding disc, which will cause surface tempering. 1.Excessive carbon concentration in the carburized layer makes it easy to form network carbide or excessive free carbide in the carburized layer. Because this substance is extremely hard. In the grinding process, there may be partial overheating tendency and surface flashback. 2.Excessive carbon concentration in the carburized layer will result in excessive retained austenite on the surface of the workpiece, resulting in burns and cracks. Therefore, the grinding performance will be reduced with the increase of surface carbon concentration, and the surface carbon concentration should be controlled in the range of 0.75% - 0.95%. 3.The distribution of carbides and morphological carbides should be uniform, the average diameter of particle size should not be more than 1 micron; the morphology of carbides should be spherical, powdery or fine dotted along the network distribution, not allowed to have network or horny carbides. 4, The high quality metal grinding disc should reduce the heat treatment deformation as much as possible, so that the grinding allowance can be reduced. If the heat treatment deformation is too large, if the grinding operation does not start at the maximum radial circle runout of the workpiece, the grinding allowance removed at these points per grinding will be abnormal, resulting in burns and cracks.
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