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Created 2017-08-31
Owner yoyocrusher
Title Milling machine lubrication work is essential

Lubrication is a very important work, timely lubrication is to maintain one of the important contents of the Construction Waste Crusher, you can ensure the correct use of the performance of the mill and extend its service life.

  •  1. Rolling bearings and the distribution of sliding bearings, see Table 3 & mdash; Table 3 & mdash; 1 bearing distribution feed roller 206121 powder metallurgy and Ge Ding two paintings 21 & mdash; 41 powder metallurgy grinding rod drive shaft eccentric wheel shaft eccentric shaft under the shaft guide wheel.
  •  2. Rolling bearings using calcium-based grease, sliding bearings with 30 mechanical oil lubrication.
  •  3. The gear is also lubricated with a No. 30 mechanical oil, the height of the oil in the gear box to flood the large gear 12 & mdash; 15 mm is appropriate.
  •  4. In the various parts of the micro-activities, can only drop a small amount of mechanical oil (each class drops 2 & mdash; 3 drops), too much will lose or pollute the flour.
  •  5. After the operation of the new machine for one week, the first oil change should be carried out.
  •  6. Oil when the dirty oil poured out, with gasoline or kerosene wash, to be fully dry, then add new oil.
  •  7. Powder metallurgy bearings, in the cleaning, can not use gasoline and kerosene, the application of new clean mechanical oil.
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