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Created 2018-11-02
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Title CNC tool grinding machine cutting sheet trimming method
Description The use of CNC tool grinding disc low price disc for metal directly affects the normal use of CNC tools. A small part can sometimes cause the whole project to fail. Therefore, we will introduce the automatic trimming and compensation method of CNC tool grinding machine diamond cutting piece today. . The development of automatic CNC grinding technology has put forward high requirements for its supporting equipment. As one of the supporting technologies, the online automatic cutting blade trimming technology must meet the needs of modern CNC grinding technology, and it is developing in the direction of high precision, ultra-stable and fully automatic control. As a highly efficient grinding tool, 6 inch es cutting disc are widely used in the processing of hard materials such as cemented carbide, ceramics and CBN. The dressing and automatic compensation method of the diamond cutting piece determines the performance of the fully automatic CNC grinding machine, which largely determines the performance and service life of the cutting piece. Diamond cutting chip dressing principle The diamond cutting piece dressing method is an important factor affecting the grinding performance of the cutting piece. The reasonable selection of the dressing method will directly affect the surface quality and grinding precision of the workpiece. Currently used diamond cutting blade dressing methods include: online electrolytic dressing, EDM cutting, cup cutting, electrolytic-mechanical compounding and laser trimming. Since the cup-shaped cutting piece dressing method is simpler and easier to implement than other dressing methods, the diamond cutting piece is automatically trimmed by the GC cup-shaped cutting piece dressing technique. The dressing of superhard abrasive cutting discs for diamond cutting sheets is usually divided into two stages: shaping and sharpening. Shaping is a micro-cutting of the cutting piece. The purpose is to remove the shape error and surface defects of the cutting piece after the initial installation, and to ensure the geometric accuracy of the cutting piece. The sharpening is due to the passivation of the cutting piece after working for a period of time. In order to make the cutting micro-blade protrude the bonding agent and have a proper height, a sufficient space for the chip is formed between the abrasive grains, and the number of effective abrasive grains per unit area is as large as possible. . Method for dressing bowl type diamond cutting piece with GC cup-shaped cutting piece The actual geometrical relationship between the GC cup-shaped cutting piece and the bowl-shaped diamond cutting piece and the movement form are shown in Fig. 1. The bowl-shaped diamond cutting piece and the GC cup-shaped cutting piece grinding belt are completely staggered and fitted, and are respectively rotated at a certain rotation speed, and the rotation speed of the dressing wheel and the cutting piece is positioned at 8:1. The dressing wheel is fixed, and the 14 inches cutting disc is trimmed and fed in the axial direction, so that the GC cup-shaped cutting piece and the bowl-shaped diamond cutting piece form mutual abrasive grinding. Through the grinding of the end faces of the two cutting pieces, the diamond cutting piece passivation abrasive grains are removed to form a chip space, and the surface of the diamond cutting piece is re-sharpened to achieve the purpose of dressing.
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