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Created 2018-11-04
Owner mklyk
Title The 12th Shanghai International Metal Cutting and Welding Technology Exhibition
Description The industry giants are all present, competing and demonstrating on the same stage.
   Shanghai International Metal Cutting, Welding and Forming Technology Exhibition was founded in 2004 and has been successfully held for 11 sessions. It is the largest and influential event in the high performance cutting disc、 field of cutting, welding and forming of metal materials in China. The exhibits cover metal sheets and welded pipes. In the field of seamless pipes, profiles, bar products and cutting, welding and forming equipment, the last exhibition was held on November 22, 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Nearly 400 outstanding enterprises in metal materials and processing equipment participated. The exhibition has a scale of 30,000 square meters. It attracted 28,321 professional visitors from 37 countries and regions to visit.
◆Several highlights cast the top event
In the same period, we will achieve a perfect industrial chain: Shanghai International Metal Cutting, Welding and Forming Technology Exhibition will be held again at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 1-3, 2018. Concurrently held:
Shanghai International Metal Sheet and Processing Equipment Exhibition, Sheet Metal Automation and Advanced Equipment Exhibition, Shanghai International Steel Structure Exhibition,
Through the display of top metal sheets, pipes, profiles, bar products and manufacturing equipment, cutting and welding and processing equipment at home and abroad, we will achieve the 2018 Asia's largest metal products and processing technology event, covering new materials manufacturing and equipment enterprises and end users. . Visitors will radiate more than 40 countries and regions.
The organization has a strong lineup and is in line with the international market: 6 foreign industry organizations, 8 national embassies in China and 12 overseas exhibition institutions will join us, and will usher in Germany, Italy, India, Australia, the United States, East Asia, the Middle East and ASEAN. Pavilion and audience purchasing groups.
 Exhibition scope:
Metal welding, standard cut off wheel for metal and accessories:
◆ All kinds of arc welding, resistance welding, high energy beam welding equipment; welding rod, welding wire, flux, etc.
◆ Flame cutting, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine; water cutting, gasoline cutting, oxyhydrogen flame cutting, saw cutting equipment, etc.
◆ Welding robots, spot welding robots, cutting robots, handling robots, palletizing robots, multi-degree-of-freedom robots, assembly robots, Cartesian robots, multi-degree-of-freedom robots, parallel robots, robotic arms and robot systems and solutions.
◆ Welding inspection, gas, software; protective masks, glasses, protective clothing, protective shoes, etc.
Sheet, pipe, profile, bar cutting, welding and processing:,
◆ CNC metal band saw, intelligent metal circular sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine, gantry sawing machine, various metal plates, tubes, profiles, bar cutting band sawing machines, circular sawing equipment; carbide saw blades, diamond saw blades, Metal circular saw blades, saw belts, saw blades, machine saw blades, bi-metal band saw blades, etc.;,
◆ Plate slitting slitting, CNC punching machine, high-speed precision punching machine, turret punching machine; all kinds of plate laser cutting machine; plasma cutting, CNC bending machine, shearing machine, sheet metal processing center, thin plate forming compound machine tool, thin plate stretching Machine, roll forming, joining; thick plate forming;
◆ Steel pipe welding and cutting equipment, pipe laser cutting machine; bending pipe and pipe fitting processing equipment;
◆ All kinds of presses, forging, bending, folding, straightening, shearing, stamping, slotting and other metal processing machines.
◆ Machine tool accessories, CNC systems, servo drives, machine tools, digital display devices, tools, tools, etc. Metalworking fluids, rust-proof materials, surface treatments, burrs, polishing equipment, etc.
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