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Created 2018-11-06
Owner mklyk
Title Coating difference of stainless steel cutting disc
Description Stainless steel materials (pipes, profiles, etc.) are difficult to machine materials, but their characteristics are not very hard, mainly because of the strong adhesion of stainless steel, the chips are easy to adhere to the serrations of the saw blade, which deteriorates the cutting conditions and accelerates the bluntness of the saw blade. Speed ​​is therefore classified as difficult to machine. High-speed steel saw blade - titanium coating technical parameters: Coating thickness: approx. 5 μm Surface hardness: approx. 2200-2400 HV Oxidation temperature: 600 ° C Friction coefficient: 0.55 2, surface chromium nitride alloy coating (seven colors): This coating is more wear-resistant than ordinary coatings when cutting stainless steel and alloy steel and materials, reducing the resistance under high-speed action, thereby extending the saw The life of the sheet and the stability under long-term action. And adding cobalt to the saw blade can effectively improve the stability, hardness and wear resistance of the saw blade. Increasing the cobalt content also reduces the coefficient of friction between the saw blade and the workpiece.12 inches cut off wheel Its durability is 1 to 2 times that of ordinary high speed steel. This saw blade is especially suitable for sawing, cutting, cutting and milling of stainless steel pipes, bars and profiles. When it is used to process ordinary steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, wood and other materials, the effect is also obvious. After cutting, the section has less burr, the saw blade has good toughness and long sawing life. 3. Nitrided coating: after steam treatment, the surface of the saw blade forms an oxide layer (Fe3O4). This saw blade has good surface smoothness and helps to enhance the self-lubricating ability of the saw blade. The phenomenon of living can be avoided to a certain extent, the ability to cool and absorb is better, but the number of cutting is relatively small compared to other coated saw blades. This is the most commonly used saw blade. High speed steel saw blade - oxidation coating technical parameters: Coating thickness: about 5-10 microns Surface hardness: about 900HV Friction coefficient: 0.65 4. Purple-blue coating: The saw blade treated with multi-layer PVD coating achieves a very low coefficient of friction, suitable for fine processing at high cutting speed and high feed rate, and can significantly reduce waste. Bonding on the blade. Suitable for very hard metal material cutting, copper alloy cutting, titanium alloy cutting, and material cutting with particularly frequent bonding. The extremely high surface hardness allows the saw blade to be cut at a high speed. Compared with other uncoated saw blades, the feed rate can be increased by 100%, which increases the life of the saw blade. This saw blade makes the cutting surface very smooth and the saw blade is more wear-resistant, so the cutting speed should be increased by 100%. High speed steel saw blade - purple blue coating technical parameters: Coating thickness: about 5 microns Surface hardness: about 3000-3300HV Oxidation temperature: 450°C Coefficient of friction: 0.25
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