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Created 2018-11-06
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Title Requirements for use of cutting blades during work
Description A guard must be provided at the opening for the trimming of the flat cutting disc on sale. To prevent the danger caused by flying particles and sparks. A combined or welded blade guard having a joint strength or weld strength that is not less than the strength of the blade guard member. The inner wall of the outer member of the dicing blade for working speeds higher than 80 m/s should be provided with a buffer material layer that absorbs impact energy, such as polyurethane plastic, rubber, and the like. The spindle of the grinding machine should have a marking of the direction of rotation. The marking should be obvious and can be stored for a long time. A protective baffle shall be provided at both ends or around the surface grinder table to prevent the workpiece from flying out. Grinding machines with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic clamping workpieces shall be provided with interlocking means, ie the grinding shall be stopped at the same time when the clamping force disappears. Grinding machines that use grinding fluids should be provided with a splash guard to prevent the grinding fluid from splashing onto the operator and the surrounding ground. Grinding machines for dry grinding should be equipped with a vacuum cleaner.  The cutting machine should be specially staffed. If the personnel of the unit are not going to grind the object on the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc, they must be authorized by the full-time responsible person and strictly abide by the safety operation rules. It is strictly forbidden to use the cutting machine without the consent of the responsible person.  The cutting machine is forbidden to be installed in the vicinity of the equipment and operators or in the places where people often pass. Generally, the larger workshop should be equipped with a dedicated cutting machine room. If it is not possible to set up a dedicated cutting machine room due to the limitation of the plant topography, a protective baffle of not less than 1.8 m height should be installed on the front side of the cutting machine, and the baffle plate is required to be firm and effective. The cutting piece spindle should be regularly inspected for the installation of the cutting piece, and there is a bump phenomenon that is not allowed to be used. All cutting disc chucks must be inspected regularly and should be repaired or replaced in any of the following cases. A. Unevenness on the pressing surface. B. Excessive wear in diameter or thickness. C. Loss of precision (yaw). D. Balance block thread damage. E. Damage to the compression screw joint. After the cutting piece damage accident occurs, it is necessary to check whether the cutting disc for stainless steel protective cover is damaged, whether the cutting piece chuck is deformed or unbalanced, and the cutting piece spindle end thread and the pressing nut are used before being qualified. The dust removal device of the grinding machine should be inspected and repaired regularly to maintain its dust removal capacity.
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