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Category Economy cars
Created 2018-11-07
Owner juniperqq
Title Precautions for the long life grinding wheel
Description 1. The long life grinding wheel must be inspected visually before use. If skin damage is not allowed. 2. The grinder used must have intact guards. The main shaft of the grinder should meet the technical requirements. 3. When the long life grinding wheel is installed on the grinder, it is forbidden to beat the grinding wheel. The tightening of the grinding wheel requires moderate tightness. Too loose, too tight or the uneven contact surface between the grinding wheel and the flange is an important factor that causes the grinding wheel to be damaged. 4. Each long life grinding wheel is marked with a large working speed. It is required that the speed of the resin grinding wheel should not exceed the specified safe use speed. 5. Protective equipment (protective glasses, dust masks, safety helmets, protective gloves, etc.) must be worn before using the long life grinding wheel to ensure safe use. 6. After the grinding wheel is installed, it should be idle for 1 minute. Observe the abnormality before using it. 7. When using the resin long life grinding wheel, it is necessary to slowly enter the knife and operate it evenly. Do not stack the workpieces to prevent the grinding wheel from loosening and falling off, resulting in serious accidents. 8. When grinding and grinding the long life grinding wheel, it should be inclined at an angle of 45 degrees with the object being ground.
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