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Created 2018-11-08
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Title History of diamond sawing

Diamond saw blades are one of the diamond products and are the most widely used diamond products in the world. Despite the record of diamond saw blades for sawing stone in 1854, the truly effective diamond circular saw blade was designed by Frenchman Jacquinin 30 years later and was used for the actual cutting of stone for the first time in 14 years.7'' cut off disc for metal The abrasives used at the time were all natural diamonds (diamonds). Initially, large particles of natural diamond were inlaid into the cast steel insert by hand, and the insert was attached to the saw blade substrate for cutting. But the effect is not satisfactory. In the late 1930s, the diamond block powder metallurgy manufacturing technology that mixed metal powder with diamond and sintered was developed, and the design and manufacturing technology of the diamond saw blade has made great progress.

 Since the first synthetic diamond was successfully synthesized, the diamond saw blade design and manufacturing technology has been continuously improved. At the end of the last century, China's diamond saw blade design and manufacturing technology, along with the rise of stone processing industry, architectural decoration industry and road and bridge construction, has also achieved extraordinary development, especially since 1993, due to rising raw material prices, market competition has intensified. In order to reduce costs and improve product quality, diamond saw blade manufacturers have increased investment in scientific research, and various new theories and new technologies have emerged. The design and manufacture of diamond saw blades mainly include sawtooth bond design, sawtooth shape or structural design, and saw blade manufacturing technology. Looking back on the development of diamond saw blades, 7'' cut off disc for metal the design and manufacturing technology of diamond saw blades has obtained a lot of research results.

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