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Created 2018-11-09
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Title What is the difference between ceramic cutting sheets and resin cutting sheets?
Description When using customized metal cutting disc, sometimes the effect is not ideal, the thickness is not uniform, and the edge is incomplete. The main reasons for the poor performance of these resin cutting sheets in specific operations are as follows: 1. The screw of the fixed trolley screw housing is loose. At this time, the rotating screw needs to be adjusted. 2. The gap between the screw and the nut is large. The operation does not eliminate the gap. Pay attention to remove the gap in one direction during operation. 3. The resin cutting piece end is skipped large, and the saw blade needs to be tested. 4. The drive chain is too loose. 5, in the operation of the machine is not stable, there will be such a situation. 6. The main bearing clearance is too large, the spindle bearing is damaged, causing the saw blade to run unsteadily, and the radial amplitude of the saw blade is too large. These are the causes of the problem. We often use resin dicing sheets and ceramic dicing sheets, the difference between the two is that the dicing sheet has different bonding agents. In terms of the nature of the binder, the ceramic binder is an inorganic binder and the resin binder is an organic binder. Thus the properties and uses of the two cutting sheets are different: 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc: A dicing sheet made of a resin binder. The resin has a small shrinkage rate and a low hardening temperature, and can be made into a plurality of complicated shape cutting sheets, and can also be embedded with a reinforcing material such as a metal ring and a glass mesh cloth, so that the cutting piece has high rotation strength and can be subjected to heavy load or impact force. Working under great bad conditions. Such as high-speed heavy-duty cutting blades with a speed of 50 m / s, the load is generally as high as 5000 cattle. The resin has a certain elasticity, and the mirror-polished cutting piece made of the same can obtain a small surface roughness of the workpiece. It is also possible to form a cut or grooved cut piece of 0.8 mm or less by utilizing the plasticity before the resin is hardened. Ceramic cutting piece: The ceramic cutting piece is used to make the synthetic cutting piece, which has good stability. It can be wet-grinded by various cutting fluids during processing, and can also be dry-grinded. Ceramic cutting discs are widely used for internal and external grinding, flat surfaces, and are suitable for forming grinding and grinding of tools, gears, threads, crankshafts, etc. The ceramic cutting piece can also be made into a high-speed cutting piece, which can be used for high-speed grinding, working speed up to 60 m / s, and slow-feeding to strongly grind ceramic cutting piece, with a depth of 10 to 20 mm. The types of common resin-cut sheets on the market are: A, WA, SA, PA, GC, C, 38A, DA, and 19A. Users can choose according to their own use.
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