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Created 2018-11-09
Owner juniperqq
Title China high efficient grinding disc use characteristics
Description China high efficient grinding disc use characteristics 1. Because it is a relatively unique resin binder, China high efficient grinding disc is better in soft performance, and is also very convenient to use and install; 2. The entire grinding force is very strong, and the polishing speed is also very fast, so the diamond softening sheet is higher in gloss; 3. The diamond soft abrasive sheet has better wear resistance and effectively prolongs the service life of the diamond; 4. After polishing and grinding the floor with China high efficient grinding disc, there will be no scratches or staining. China high efficient grinding discs are actually diamond water-grinding discs, mainly diamond-based abrasives, but they need to be combined with composite materials to make flexible tools with high flexibility. They will be attached with nylon buckle cloth on the back. Glued to the mill joints, mainly for grinding, for ceramics, floor tiles, stone, and glass, etc. Of course, China high efficient grinding disc can also be used for the polishing of stone, such as chamfering of lines, shaped stone, and curved board, etc. It is an ideal grinding tool for stone. After the diamond grinding sheet is processed, the whole gloss can be at least More than 90%.
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