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Created 2018-11-27
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Title Basic characteristics of the grinding wheel

The intrinsic quality of diamond grinding wheel is mainly affected by abrasive, particle size, concentration, binder, filler and hardness and strength. Electroplating Ni-based bonding agent, high strength, large abrasive holding power, good shape retention of thestandard cut off wheel for metaland long service life, but its self-sharpness is poor and the adaptability is poor. Resin bonding agent: low strength, small abrasive holding force, abrasive grain Good properties, sharp surface of grinding wheel, high grinding efficiency: but not wear-resistant, low life; metal bond, grinding performance between electroplating and resin bonding agent, good overall performance.

The coarse grain size of the diamond will reduce the cutting wheel load, improve the cutting efficiency, and extend the life of the grinding wheel, but the collapse is large; the fine particle size will reduce the cutting and fracture, and reduce the surface roughness: but the life is short. The grinding wheel has a high concentration: the grinding wheel has a large number of abrasive grains, a single abrasive grain has a small grinding force, wear resistance, and the grinding wheel has a long service life: but it should not be too high. Filler is also the main method to improve the performance of the 7" cut off disc for stainless steel Adding alloy powder can improve the rigidity and wear resistance of the grinding wheel, and adding ordinary abrasive grains can improve the sharpness of the grinding wheel. The hardness and strength of the grinding wheel are high: the abrasive grain is not easy to fall off, and the wear life is high: but the sharpness of the grinding wheel is poor: it is easy to affect the quality of the grinding workpiece. For specific use, adjust according to different grinding conditions: to adapt to its comprehensive grinding performance.

The geometric accuracy of the grinding wheel has little effect on ordinary grinding, because the working face of the grinding wheel often has to be repaired on the machine. When the electronic components are precision cut and ground, the thickness of the ultra-thin grinding wheel is no longer trimmed, so the geometric accuracy of the cutting and the accuracy of the shape and position must also be taken seriously. The difference between the thickness of the grinding wheel and the large impact of the end face affects the cutting precision: there is competition; the inner hole of the grinding wheel is too large, the inner and outer circle concentricity is not good, and the grinding vibration is easy to occur: the workpiece is collapsed; the flatness of the grinding wheel is poor, the symmetry is poor, The difference in the perpendicularity between the outer circle and the end surface is likely to cause the cutting and eccentricity of the cutting: a beveling phenomenon occurs. In order to further improve the grinding and cutting effect of the grinding wheel, the optimization of the grinding wheel structure can also have a certain effect. For example, if the side back angle is set on both sides of the grinding wheel: it is beneficial to improve the cutting precision; the outer circle of the grinding wheel is provided with an arc: it can improve the cutting and collapse; the water tank is set in the outer circle of the grinding wheel to improve the chip removal ability: reduce the grinding temperature: However, the impact of the wheel with the sink and the workpiece can not be underestimated.

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