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Category Hardware
Created 2018-12-09
Owner mklyk
Title Mirror surface grinding effect

Mirror surface refers to a description of the good roughness that can be obtained after mechanical grinding. Just like a mirror, it is shiny and smooth, and it can be clearly called out the metal surface of the object.

Mirror surface grinding generally uses high-quality grinding wheels to achieve excellent surface roughness through precise grinding, while at the same time taking into account the good dimensional accuracy of the knife; the purpose is to effectively improve the mechanical life, reduce the cutting resistance, and in order to obtain a smooth finished product. Molds, etc. Usually the workpieces that are mirror-polished are mostly molds or workpieces that require friction to act on each other. Therefore, to achieve mirror polishing, high performance cutting discs are required. To achieve high performance cutting blades, the following requirements must be met:

Wear resistance: The rougher the surface, the smaller the contact area, the greater the pressure per unit area and the easier it is to damage.

Stable: uneven, unstable, as if driving on uneven roads.

Corrosion resistance: Roughness can easily corrode corrosive gases or liquids from the valleys, causing corrosion of the surface of the grinding wheel.

Anti-fatigue: When fatigue testing is concentrated at a certain point or part, it will amplify the fatigue strength of the grinding wheel.

Sealing: Roughness prevents parts from being tightly bonded, and gas and liquid penetrate through the gaps in contact with the surface of the grinding wheel.

Mirror surface grinding is a kind of precision grinding. The ground material can be placed on the grinding disc, the grinding wheel rotates, the correction wheel drives the workpiece to rotate, the gravity is pressed to press the workpiece, and the workpiece and the grinding disc are relatively operated to rub. Grinding and polishing purposes. The grinding disc dressing mechanism adopts the hydraulic suspension guide rail to reciprocate back and forth, and the diamond shaving cutter precisely trims the grinding surface of the grinding disc, so that the grinding disc obtains an ideal plane effect.

The mechanical processing methods for obtaining mirrors are: material removal method, no cutting method: the material removal methods mainly include: grinding, grinding, polishing, and electric spark. The material removal method must have a large amount of equipment investment; skilled and experienced technical workers; expensive grinding wheels and other prerequisites, mirror grinding still requires cost considerations without special needs.

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